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Mesh Pouch for Petromax Cooler Bag 22 litres
Size: 22 litre
What makes the Mesh Pouch for the Petromax Cooler Bag an ingenious accessory for keeping food cool and for shopping:Removable sturdy Mesh bag with handles for the Petromax Cooler BagThe Pouch can be removed using the handles: melted ice stays in the Cooler BagCan be used as a shopping bag for provisionsFolds up to save space, light weight for easy transportThe Mesh Pouch for the Petromax Cooler Bag is the ideal addition – thanks to its folding handles, you can easily remove the Pouch and its contents from the Cooler Bag. The melted ice drains through the large mesh pocket in the Cooler Bag and you can simply pour the water out. As a result, it is easy to refill the ice and clean the Cooler Bag.If you take the Mesh Pouch with you when shopping, it serves as a practical accessory and allows you to check whether you have the right quantity of food for the Cooler Bag. Folded up to save space, the Mesh Pouch weighs less than 500 g and is ready to go on your next culinary adventure.Technical detailsMaterial: PVCDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D) [when unfolded]: 24.3 x 39.6 x 27.8 cmDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D) [when folded]: 2 x 39.6 x 27.8 cmCapacity (max.): 22 lWeight (approx.): 477 gScope of delivery1 x Mesh Pouch for Petromax Cooler Bag (kx-mesh22)

from €24.99*

Locking Plate with Bottle Opener for Cool Box
Safe locking of the Petromax Cool Box and easy opening of beverage bottles: The Locking Plate with integrated bottle opener offers you a practical dual function for your outdoor adventures. The stainless-steel accessory fits perfectly in the position of the lower locking plate of your Petromax Cool Box and is simply being exchanged for it. That way, you still protect your provisions from unauthorised access and at the same time are able to open beverage bottles with customary crown cork seal. The Locking Plate is universal and thus suitable for all Petromax Cool Boxes. Complement your ultra-passive cooling system by one more clever accessory and ready yourself for upcoming experiences in nature. Made in Germany. Technical details Material: stainless steel Material thickness: 4 mm H x W x D: 8.3 x 8.3 x 1.5 cm Weight: 120 g


Petromax Dry Rack Basket for Cool Box kx25
Size: 25 litres
Why is the Petromax Dry Rack Basket the ideal complement for your Cool Box: Dry storage of delicate food Second temperature level due to distance from the ice Ideal for placing provisions close at hand Sturdy and water-repellent material Custom-fit for Petromax Cool Box kx25 The Petromax Dry Rack Basket for the Cool Box provides for cool storage of delicate food such as fresh fruit and vegetables. The basket sits perfectly on top of the inner edge of the Cool Box and creates an additional temperature level and a dry storage area away from the ice. Thanks to the Dry Rack Basket your provisions will always be in reach and well organised. Thanks to its water-repellent coating it can be cleaned in no time. The sturdy steel basket is durable and will continue to look appealingfor years to come. Raw meat and fish as well as fatty foods need to be packaged hygienically so they do not come into direct contact with the Dry Rack Basket.The Petromax Dry Rack Basket is available in two sizes and is one of the accessory modules enabeling you to tailor your passive cooling system to your personal requirements. The Dry Rack Basket kx50-tray can be used inside your Cool Box kx50 as well as the kx75.  Technical detailsMaterial: steel, powder-coatedDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 14 x 28 x 17.5 cmWeight (approx.): 300 g Scope of delivery1 x Petromax Dry Rack Basket for Petromax kx25 Cool Box

from €14.99*

Adhesive Pad for Petromax Cool Box kx25 grey with dragon logo
Colour: grey | Size: 25 litres | Version: with dragon logo
Extra support for any adventure: The Adhesive Pad for the Petromax Cool Box With the Adhesive Pad you not only effectively protect your Cool Box kx25 from scratches and bumps but at the same time ensure for more grip. The thin cover made of synthetic foam is made custom-fit for the surface of the ultra-passive cooling systems kx25. The dense material creates a durable protective layer defying wind and weather. Thus, you and your Cool Box profit from the special protection against moisture, UV- radiation and temperature effects. Even if you have been in outdoor action up to the knee: Rough dirt can be removed easily by brushing or wiping off. In just a few steps the anti-slip pad is applied and directly provides you with more support during your very own adventures. The lashing points have been omitted within the pad; thus, you can still secure your ultra-passive cooling system before transport. The extra layer is available in two colours and in two designs each. Free selection between brown and grey – either with lines and Petromax lettering or with traditional dragon logo: You alone decide what your next nature experience looks like. Non-slip stand or comfortable seat? Both, because with functional Petromax accessories you stay flexible. The installed Adhesive Pad can be used in combination with the Seat Cushion for the Petromax Cool Box kx25 and provides you with the necessary freedom. How to apply the Adhesive Pad the right way 1. Before application, make sure that the surface of the lid is free of dirt by cleaning it thoroughly with water and a customary dishwashing detergent. Afterwards, dry with a cloth. 2. Remove the adhesive film on the back and hold the Adhesive Pad just over the lid of the Cool Box and align by centre. 3. When the position is correct start on one side of the lid and apply the edge of the Adhesive Pad flush. Do not press down yet, otherwise you cannot correct the position anymore! Now let the rest of the adhesive area follow slowly, until it rests completely on the Cool Box. 4. As soon as the edges lay exact you can press down the Adhesive Pad firmly with the palms of your hands. Technical Details Material: synthetic foam Dimensions: (H x W x D): 0.3 x 55 x 37.5 cm Weight packed: 380 g Colour: brown, grey Decor: lines and lettering, dragon logo (cut) Scope of delivery 1 x Adhesive Pad for Petromax Cool Box kx25

from €39.99*

Seat Cushion for Petromax Cool Box kx25
Size: 25 litres
For soothing outdoor breaks – The Petromax Seat Cushion for the Cool Box kx25 With the Seat Cushion for the compact Petromax Cool Box kx25 you turn your ultra-passive cooling system also into a resting place to go. The core of the cushion made of permanently elastic foam forms the key foundation for nature relaxation. It provides for an ideal pressure distribution under load and thus pleasant seating comfort. The Seat Cushion is covered with durable ripstop fabric (strength 600D). That way it endures frequent use and remains resistant against dirt. Traces of use such as mud can be easily brushed out, solidly dried up spots can be removed with a damp cloth. The special mesh fabric underneath the Seat Cushion creates a strong anti-slip coating. This imparts support to the cushion and creates a firm seat for you at camp. At the same time air circulation is promoted and thus also ideal drying after a rain shower. The embroidered logo on the topside renders the Seat Cushion dragon strong and complete in its design. Comfortable at the touch of a button – Press-stud system for your Cool Box Seat Cushion Via the practical 4-point-press-stud system you are able to quickly apply and remove the Seat Cushion. The matching counterparts for installation onto the Cool Box lid are part of the scope of delivery and you only need to apply them prior to the first use. Thus prepared you can start into hot-cold expeditions and adventure holidays with the guys. With functional Petromax accessories you remain flexible: The Seat Cushion with press-stud system can be combined with the Adhesive Pad for the Petromax Cool Box kx25 and provides you with the necessary freedom. Instructions for installation on the Cool Box Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver 1. First, clean the four depressions embedded in the lid of the kx25 and dry them well. 2. Screw on the included counterparts of the press studs to the depressions in the lid of the Cool Box. The counterparts may only be fastened by hand for not to squeeze or otherwise damage the rubber seals of the kx25. 3. Place the Seat Cushion (mesh fabric facing downwards) on top of the Cool Box and align flush. 4. Join together each of the four press studs at the loops with the suitable counterparts at the Cool Box. For removal please open the press studs of the four cushion loops one by one and sideways away from the lid to avoid tearing. Technical details Material (upper side): ripstop fabric (600D) Material (bottom side): mesh fabric Material (inside): foam Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.5 x 56 x 38.5 cm Weight: 487 g Scope of delivery 1 x Seat Cushion for Petromax Cool Box kx25 4 x counterparts for press studsUser Manual Go to User manual >>

from €39.99*

Lock Bracket for Petromax Cool Box kx-lockb
Additional security for calm nights under the open sky With the Lock Bracket Petromax offers a useful accessory to secure your ultra passive cooling system. That way, you can protect your Cool Box from theft by permanently locking it to a tree near your camp or to the bumper of your pick-up truck. Insert and lock down You only need to insert the Lock Bracket made of robust 4 mm strong stainless steel from above into one of the handles of your Petromax Cool Box. As soon as you close the box you automatically fix the Lock Bracket to the spot. Thus, it cannot be removed from the outside and enables you to additionally secure your Petromax Cool Box with chain and lock. You can, therefore, rest easy if your provisions are outside your tent or if you leave for an exploration tour. Thanks to the integrated bottle opener your Lock Bracket will be a reliable tool against your thirst for adventure in case, once in a while, you do not use it for securing. Manufactured in Germany. Technical details Material: stainless steel H x W x D: 10.4 x 2.2 x 0.4 cm Weight: 100 g


Fasteners for Petromax Cool Boxes (2 pieces) Spare part
This makes the fasteners for the Petromax Cool Boxes an easy to fit spare part: Spare parts: for the Cool Boxes kx25, kx50 and kx75opening and closing of the lid: flexible and at the same time resilient silicone fastenerseasy to fit: thanks to the detailed operating instructions, the lids can be fitted in just a few minuteslittle effort: can be mounted with common household toolsnon-slip: firm grip despite wet hands and one-handed operationPerfect for travelling by car, camping and excursions: spare part for the Cool BoxesIn the Petromax Cool Boxes, your provisions always stay cooled, even on adventures lasting several days in the great outdoors, thanks to the passive cooling system. Safe storage of food in the kx25, kx50 and kx75 boxes is ensured by the latches, which are flexible and resilient, and which allow you to open and close the lid easily. The latches are non-slip and open easily with one hand, even with wet hands.Easy assembly of the latchesCommon household tools help you to mount the latches and a detailed, illustrated instruction manual makes sure that you can mount the spare part within a few minutes. Of course, you can also fit only one cap and save the other for later. The caps are easy-to-fit spare parts for each of the Petromax Cool Boxes. 2 pieces in a set.Technical details Material: silicone Dimensions, approx.: 2 x 6.6 x 12.9 cmDimensions with packaging: 2 x 18.5x 26 cmTotal weight, approx.: 112 gWeight with packaging: 133 g Scope of delivery1 x Fasteners for Petromax Cool Boxes (2 pieces) Spare part 1 x instruction manualGo to User manual >>


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