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The rights to all images and other materials provided here for downloading belong exclusively to Petromax GmbH. The downloading and use of materials requires our explicit consent. Any use without our consent constitutes an infringement of rights. We exclusively grant consent to image use upon the following terms:

  1. Our images and materials may be used exclusively for the purposes of advertising and marketing our products. Any use to promote sales of third-party products is prohibited.
  2. The images and materials may only be processed with our explicit permission. The use of excerpts is permitted, provided that our products are still identifiable within them. Mirror images, colour changes and insertions are not permitted under any circumstances.
  3. The images and materials are to be used at the resolution applied by us. Any deviations require our explicit consent.
  4. We can revoke consent the use of our images and materials at any time and without providing reasons. Permission to use images ceases automatically when the distribution partner contract between us ends.
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