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Petromax Deubelskerl Loden Jacket for Men (green)
Colour: Green | Size: L
True hotshots wear Loden: The Petromax Deubelskerl Loden jacket for men makes you fit for your next start into pristine nature. Thanks to the traditional fabric having spark-resistant and water-repellent as well as odour-inhibiting properties you are ready for sweaty excursions over mountains and through valleys. This way, you can fully enjoy evenings at the campfire as well as cooking on sparkling embers. The proven natural fabric Loden satisfies all your demands for modern outdoor garments: With 480 g pure sheep's wool per running metre the Deubelskerl is robust, dimensionally stable and at the same time pleasantly lightweight. The outer material made of 100% Loden fabric lets you and your skin breathe naturally and at the same time effectively protects you from the elements. The model Deubelskerl from the Petromax Loden Collection is an unlined jacket, highly suitable for all-season use under the open sky, either worn on its own or with other layers of clothing underneath. The embroidered dragon logo on chest and back adds extra fire to the look of your Deubelskerl. Product features of your Deubelskerl at a glance Hood adjustable in two positions, high collar, two chest pockets and two large side pockets (one-handed operation, lined with mesh), cuffs with hook and loop fastener, adjustable elastic bottom, two-way zip. Embroidered dragon logo on chest and back of the jacket. Technical Details Outer material: 100 % Loden (milled sheep's wool) Material thickness: 480 g / rm Colours: green Sizes: XS - 3XL What is Petromax Loden? Petromax Loden is a durable natural product. For centuries, Loden fabrics are already known as resilient textiles for outdoor clothing and are utilised until today, for instance as hunting garments. Petromax Loden consists of 100 % milled sheep's wool – mulesing free, sustainable and without additives. The manufacture of the durable Loden fabric takes place in Germany following traditional methods in several complex work stages. When milled the spun and woven wool is so strongly tamped in water that due to the resulting pressure and friction extreme compression is achieved. Only this makes the natural fibres become extremely robust, dimensionally stable, spark-resistant as well as resistant against water and wind. Thus, Petromax Loden Clothing is of highest quality. How to care for Petromax Loden? Petromax Loden Clothing is very low-maintenance and when observing the following tips, will endure many years of adventures: After wearing a simple airing of the garments suffices for them to smell fresh once again. Milled Loden does not absorb odours and proves resistant against body odours or smoke odour. Rough dirt can be brushed out dryly. Usually, Loden does not need to be washed. For strong and persistent dirt Loden clothing can washed with the specially developed Bio Hand Washing Detergent or it can be dry cleaned. Regular ironing condenses the surface once again and preserves water-resistance. For that purpose, adjust your iron to medium and smooth out your garment surface with low pressure. Cover logo and lettering embroidery with ironing paper.


Petromax Wool Blanket 150 x 200 cm (Moss green / Black)
Colour: Moss green / Black
All-round protection with the Petromax Wool BlanketThe Wool Blanket made of 100 % new sheep's wool completes your equipment for flexible adventures in nature. Whether you need to take a short rest between forest and meadow, or you want to savour your night at the campfire under the open sky to the last minute: with the Petromax Wool Blanket nothing will get in the way of your outdoor experience. The natural material properties optimally support you as the strongly condensed wool fibres make the surface resistant against sparks and moisture. Also, the blanket offers high thermal retention and keeps you warm with your very own body temperature. That way, you do not have to break camp on cooler days. Edges bordered with merino wool as well as a leather patch with the traditional logo on the top side visually tune you in for your next trip into nature.The Petromax Wool Blanket with handle for transport: Adventure to go please! Excellent when on the way: The Petromax Wool Blanket comes with a suitable leather strap. To save space for transport your roll up the blanket and fasten it with the two adjustable straps. Thanks to the extra handle you take yourself and your natural companion directly into the next adventure. Also available in smoky white/dark grey Manufactured in Germany.Products featuresspark-resistant, water-repellent, rounded corners, bordered with white merino wool yarn (T-stitch), leather strap and handle for transport included, leather logo patch on top sideTechnical DetailsMaterial: 100 % new sheep's woolMaterial edge stitch: merino woolColours: moss green/blackSize: 150 x 200 cmWeight: 1 kg


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