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Loaf Pan with Lid k4
Loaf Pan with Lid k4
Size: 2.4 litres
If you know and love the excellent qualities of cast iron, then you know that this loaf pan should belong to the basic cookware of every kitchen: moist cakes, freshly baked bread, casseroles or crusty roast meat will henceforth be prepared in the Petromax Loaf Pan.Cast iron for every occasionMade of cast iron, the loaf pan distributes and stores heat outstandingly. No matter whether you use it over an open fire or whether you place briquettes on the lid: The created all round warmth is impressive in the oven at home and when cooking outdoors. Thanks to the so-called seasoned finish, the loaf pan can be used right away.Easier to bakeThe natural anti-adhesive quality of cast iron, which improves at each use, makes it particularly pleasant to bake in the loaf pan. The two handles ensure a practical use, so that you can easily take it out of the oven. Besides, since it has a flat base, the squared mould works on all types of stove, including induction. The loaf pan is an ideal addition to your Petromax cast-iron products, for the lid can be removed with the Petromax Lid Lifter.Technical dataCapacity: 2.4 litre(s)Material: cast ironScope of delivery1 x Loaf Pan with Lid k4Go to User manual >>Loaf Pan Temperature Scale>>

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Petromax Baguette Pan for Loaf Pans
Petromax Baguette Pan for Loaf Pans
This makes the Baguette Pan the ideal add-on to the Loaf Pans for baking crispy baguettes with soft crumbs in the embers:Baking tray for the Loaf Pans: Baking tray for aromatic baguettes, ciabattas with a strong crust and rolls in numerous variations from the cast-iron Petromax Loaf PansRobust material: made of high-quality stainless steelA strong connection: with the lug you can connect the Baguette Pans with each other, so two can be placed next to each other in the Loaf Pan k8Easy to use and easy to remove: nothing sticks to the tray with grease, flour or baking paper and after baking you can remove the tray and clean it easilyOven, open fire or embers: high quality and perfect fit for the Loaf Pan to bake perfect baguettes The Petromax Baguette Pan is the baking tray insert for baking ideally shaped baguettes in the Petromax Loaf Pans in your campfire kitchen. In the outdoor kitchen, you can use the top and bottom heat to create ciabattas with uneven, coarse pores, refined with dried wild herbs or walnuts. Burger buns with various ingredients complete your pulled pork or are prepared as a side dish to your campfire soup.Many variations in the stainless-steel Baguette Pan You can use the Baguette Pan in many different ways: When inserted into the Loaf Pan and placed in the embers, next to the fire or in the oven, your fresh dough will bake into perfectly shaped baguettes, hearty ciabatta or grain rolls. For a more adventurous appetite, you can easily connect several Baguette Pans using the lug. Nutty ciabattas or toasty aromas of fresh rolls become essential for any outdoor cooking experience, making the Baguette Pan the perfect addition for cooking by the fire. The high-quality and robust stainless steel guarantees easy cleaning and long durability of the pan, so that you are guaranteed many moments in nature with perfectly baked baguettes from the Loaf Pan.Technical details Material: stainless steelDimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 8.5 x 26.5 x 10.5 cm Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 18 x 26.5 x 10.5 cmWeight, approx.: 235 gWeight with packaging, approx.: 285 g Scope of delivery1 x Petromax Baguette Pan for Petromax Loaf Pans


Muffin Tin mf6
Muffin Tin mf6
The Petromax Muffin Tin made of cast iron now expands the rank of Petromax products made of cast iron is after Loaf Pans and Ring Cake Pan. Suitable for a total of six delicious little cakes you can use the Muffin Tin with a practical notched handle directly over the fire, on hot embers and in the oven at home. In addition, the cast iron tin fits into the Dutch Ovens ft6 and ft9.Cast iron – reliability and qualityThe Muffin Tin also benefits from the positive properties of cast iron. The special surface structure ensures that the heat is stored and passed on efficiently to the baked goods. The surface of all Petromax cast iron products is pre-treated (seasoned finish) and therefore does not need burning in. Therefore, you can use your Muffin Tin immediately. Practical and versatileWhether savory or sweet, with the Muffin Tin you can easily bake the delicious pastries, no matter whether in the outdoor kitchen or in the home oven. If you want to use the tin in the Dutch Oven ft9, we advise you to place the Trivet ftus or the Stack Grate in the pot before inserting the Muffin Tin, because cast iron should always be spaced slightly apart so that it is not damaged.Technical dataScope of delivery1 x Muffin Tin Go to User manual >>


Ring Cake Pan gf1 withTarte Case Lid
Ring Cake Pan gf1 withTarte Case Lid
With the cast-iron Petromax Ring Cake Pan, you can bake moist cakes, delicious casseroles or bread in the classic ring mould. The multifunctional lid not only offers high temperature for cakes in the outdoor kitchen, but also functions as a tart case mould when upturned. This ingenious Petromax cast-iron product with its timeless design is indispensable in your kitchen.For Petromax, cast iron stands for qualityThanks to the outstanding qualities of cast iron and the special structure of the surface, warmth is efficiently stored and transferred to the food. Thanks to the pre-seasoned surface, the sturdy ring cake pan does not need to be seasoned before the first use, and you can thus use it immediately. In the open air, it can be heated with wood at the campfire or with charcoal and briquettes. There you can easily hang it up thanks to the practical notched handle made of stainless steel. The raised edge of the lid enables you to place embers or charcoal safely on the ring cake pan. It is thus heated evenly from all sides. But also in your oven at home, you will not want to do without the cast-iron pan anymore.Multifunctional and practicalWhether it is your favourite cake or fresh bread, you will bake them successfully with the cast-iron Petromax Ring Cake Pan. You can easily remove the lid with feet with the Petromax Lid Lifter. Besides, the upturned cast-iron lid is suitable for making not only tart cases, but also tasty tarts and quiches, and it can also serve as a practical skillet for the outdoor kitchen. Moreover, you can use it as a suitable platter for baked goods out of the ring cake pan. After use, the pan is very easy to clean. We recommend that you use the Petromax Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron for taking care of the pan.Technical dataMaterial: cast ironPan capacity: 3 litre(s)Lid capacity: 1 litre(s)Scope of delivery1 x Ring Cake Pan gf1 withTarte Case Lid1 x User Manual Go to User manual >>


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What are you baking next?

Real adventurers also need a break sometimes! How about a succulent muffin right by the fire? Or a hearty snack on your hike? With the various cast-iron baking forms from Petromax you can prepare breads, cakes, casseroles and even crispy roasts for you and your troop, depending on the size and type of the mold. Find out here what you should consider when choosing the right cast-iron baking form.

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What is the best bread pan?

To choose the best bread pan you should consider what kind of bread you want to bake. For a free-form bread, all you need is the Baking Tray and a bowl of water at the bottom of the oven to steam your bread. Steaming is the process by which the water in the bowl evaporates and condenses on the skin of the dough, allowing the egg whites to coagulate and the starch to gelatinize. This gives your bread a crispy crust. A bread pan is therefore not necessary in all cases, but it is immensely useful when using a lid because the water condenses on it. A danger with free-form breads can be that the bread burns from the top or does not form a nice crust.

Another issue is the quality of your bread pan: if it's not of good quality, you may not be able to bake good bread. Some molds cannot even withstand temperatures from 250°C, so you should always pay attention to what temperature the mold you choose is designed for. If the temperature is too high, the coating, the paint or the plastic of cheap bread molds may peel off.

Your bread pan must fit in your oven. It should also be multifunctional and not just to be used in the oven, for example, it should also be suitable for use in the embers or over the fire, so that you can bake your bread outdoors in good weather. Being able to prepare more than one type of pastry in it is also important, because otherwise you will have 10 different molds instead of three, with which you can prepare a variety of dishes.

The mold must be able to withstand high temperatures as well as retain heat. Since your bread dough should be placed in a mold preheated in the oven, the material you use is very important. Cast iron, for example, retains heat very well and for a long time.

The baking form should also be easy to clean. A cumbersome scraping off of dough residues is not only time-consuming, but also damages the mold.

Most baking forms differ either by their material or their application.
There are the following baking forms:

  • Baking Tray
  • Baking pans
  • Baguette Pan
  • Loaf pan
  • Bread roll form
  • Brownie mold
  • Ring Cake Pan 
  • Motif moulds (heart, Easter lamb)
  • Springform Pan
  • Madeleine Pan
  • Muffin Tin
  • Chocolate mold
  • Quiche dish
  • Silicone mold
  • and many more
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Cast iron

  • does not need to be seasoned
  • characteristic roast taste
  • Optimal heat distribution and heat retention (turn off the oven earlier, use the heat and remove the lid).
  • natural non-stick effect
  • Thermometer feedthrough
  • Suitable for the oven, all types of stoves, the fire, the embers, over the fire
  • easy to re-season in case it rusts
  • Handle to remove the lid with the Lid Lifter
  • Sturdiest and most durable compared to the other materials
  • easy cleaning using only water, Chain Mail Cleaner or Scraper
  • ecyclable
  • suitable for sourdough

if handled incorrectly, e.g. use of detergent, cast iron may rust (in case of rust, the cast iron mold can be easily re-seasoned and then used again

Stainless steel

  • stainless
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • dishwasher safe
  • scratch resistant
  • uniform baking result
  • robust
  • not acid resistant 
  • suitable for sourdough
  • does not retain heat for a long time, so the bread is not baked that well
  • must be heavily greased
  • Baking Pan: Dough could spill out
  • not suitable for open fire or direct sunlight

  • lightweight
  • easy to clean
  • Suitable for the dishwasher
  • Non-stick effect
  • designed for only up to 230°C (most breads are baked at 250°C), therefore not suitable for sourdough
  • No natural material
  • unsightly film of grease can form with prolonged use
  • must not be greased
  • could retain the smell of the food
  • not scratch resistant
  • could leak, since very pliable
Tin plate

  • uniform baking
  • lightweight
  • inexpensive
  • very sensitive: scratches and rust
  • uneven heat distribution, i.e. the bread does not bake evenly throughout
  • must be well greased
  • only for electric and gas ovens
  • designed for only up to 230°C (most breads are baked at 250°C)
  • not dishwasher safe
  • not suitable for fruitcakes because of the fruit acidity
Black plate

  • good heat distribution
  • Non-stick effect
  • hardly needs to be greased
  • uniform baking
  • suitable for fruit cakes (fruit acid resistant)
  • suitable only for electric ovens
  • scratched molds must be disposed of because of the coating
  • not dishwasher safe

  • Heat resistance
  • scratch resistant
  • suitable for fruit cakes (fruit acid resistant)
  • dishwasher safe
  • Breaks easily
  • Sensitive: Scratches
  • does not conduct heat so well, so the bread does not turn out quite ideal

  • robust, resistant 
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • suitable for fruit tarts
  • heat resistant up to 400°C
  • Durable
  • Scratch resistant
  • suitable for sourdough
  • Bread bakes quickly, therefore must be heavily greased 
  • often not dishwasher safe 
  • stainless
  • Grease before use
Ceramic coating/ glazed ceramic (Römertopf – clay pot)

  • uniform heat distribution 
  • Gradually releases the moisture to the bread
  • Non-stick effect
  • must be soaked for a long time before use
  • Ceramic: scratch resistant (not with glazing or coating, these scratch easily). 
  • fragile 
  • not dishwasher safe
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Petromax Loaf Pans k4 to k12 are ideal for baking bread and have numerous appealing advantages (see table under "Cast iron"). Thanks to their different sizes, they are suitable for many baking projects and to prepare food, casseroles or to use the lid as a pan. This multifunctionality makes the Loaf Pans a useful cooking utensil for culinary projects in the kitchen and outdoor cooking. Thus, you don't need to buy a baking dish, a casserole dish, a pot or a pan because the Loaf Pans combine them all, saving space in the kitchen cupboard or in the camper. The cast-iron molds stand out thanks to their excellent properties and easy handling, so they will definitely be one of the cookware you will probably use the most - whether in the campfire kitchen or in the kitchen at home. The high quality from Petromax guarantees a long service life and reliability, allowing you to enjoy many years of baking and cooking. With proper care, cast iron lasts a lifetime so that you, your friends and your family will always remember the unique flavor of the patina formed and it will inspire you to create new baking and cooking delights.

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What are the advantages of baking in the Cast-iron Baking Pan?

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Requirements for a good baking pan
Petromax box molds k4k8k12 (cast iron)
Condensation lid ✔️ Loaf Pan with lid
Quality ✔️ particularly few inclusions in the cast iron
Temperature resistance up to 250°C
✔️ 300°C and more
Coating, paint or plastic does not peel off
✔️ No coating
fits in the oven ✔️ all 3 molds fit in the oven
over/on the fire, can also be used in the embers ✔️ over/on the fire, can also be used in the embers
additional uses ✔️ k8 and k12: lid can be used as a pan k4 to k12: Loaf Pan can be used as a casserole dish, a pot, an oven when embers are placed on the lid.
Heat retention ✔️ Cast iron naturally retains heat
easy cleaning ✔️ soak in warm water and remove any remaining dough residues with a Chain Mail Cleaner or Scraper, then polish with Care Conditioner for cast and wrought-iron and allow to dry well, e.g. with the Silicone Trivet for Dutch Ovens or the Lid Spacer for Dutch Ovens
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Can you bake bread in a baking dish?

The Loaf Pans k4 to k12 are perfectly suitable for baking bread. The advantage is that they have a lid and therefore the moisture can condense on it. The situation is different for baking dishes without lids - the bread can burn from above. The baking dish must not be completely filled, since the dough may rise and spill over the edge of the dish. You also need to put a bowl of water in the baking dish allowing the bread to steam, which means that the water in the bowl evaporates and condenses on the skin of the dough, allowing the egg whites to coagulate and the starch to gelatinize. This gives your bread a crispy crust.

All ceramic or porcelain baking dishes should have a high rim and be well greased. Alternatively, you could also bake your bread in the Dutch Oven, for example in the Dutch Oven ft9. The lid offers the same advantages as the Loaf Pan.

In summary, you can certainly bake bread in a baking dish, but the lack of a lid is a disadvantage and baking in a baking dish will only ever be an emergency solution. Therefore, it is better to get a cast-iron Loaf Pan with a lid, because in it not only the casserole, but also the bread will turn out perfectly.

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Which baking dish size for 500 g flour?

The Loaf Pan k4 with its size of 30 x 11 cm (internal dimensions) is suitable for 500g of flour. Here you will find a recipe for apple bread with vanilla sugar , for which you only need 400 g flour. Have fun baking it!

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Which Loaf Pan should be used for 1 kg of bread?

While the Loaf Pan k4 is ideal for 750 g of dough, the k8 is suitable for more than 1 kg of bread. With its interior size of 30 x 14.5 cm, the dough can rise well. Here you can try a recipe in the k4 or k8 or k12: A pumpkin bread with Hokkaido pumpkin and 500 g wheat flour.

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Rustic Potato Gratin in the k12

Find the recipe for a great side dish to your barbecue meals that will satiate everyone here: Rustic Potato Gratin

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Muffins from the Muffin Tin

If you're in the mood for something sweet by the fire, here's a recipe for some apple cinnamon muffins in the Muffin Tin mf6.

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Moussaka in the Loaf Pan k8

You can find a hearty recipe for moussaka here . The minced meat is prepared in the Fire Skillet and then the meat-eggplant dish is baked with cheese in the large Loaf Pan.

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