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With the Petromax World, the doors to a whole new shopping experience opened at the company headquarters in Magdeburg in 2018. Here every square metre exudes the Petromax spirit and outdoor adventures. For a long time, we have been burning to let our fans and customers take a look at our headquarters. As with our products, we wanted this project to be something special. 

As one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for light, fire and outdoor cooking we want your visit to Petromax in Magdeburg to give you a first taste of outdoor adventures. Your interest is kindled as soon as you enter the Petromax World: 200 m² of our outdoor equipment are there for you to experience up close. Awaken your passion for discovery and enter the world of Petromax!

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Petromax World Showroom

Petromax direct sales & expert advice: Here it’s all about you

What is a Dutch Oven and what size do I need? What are the differences between cast iron pans and wrought iron pans? What equipment do I need for my camping holiday? We will answer these and other questions for you here against the backdrop of a mountain panorama or in a tent camp along a stream. In our Petromax World you can get the idea of our products, which we develop ourselves. Why not pick up a Dutch Oven and discover the many possible uses and combinations.

Over 100 years of experience: Benefit from our comprehensive advisory services and our expertise as a traditional German brand. Get tips on how to use and care for the legendary Petromax HK500 High-Pressure Lamp, on cooking with the Dutch Oven and on the right accessories for you. Whether you are a bushcrafter, camper, angler or barbecue enthusiast, everyone will find something to enjoy in our impressive themed showroom. Let yourself be enthralled by the large choice of innovative products for outdoor cooking at the Petromax headquarters in Magdeburg.

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Behind the scenes: The birth of the Petromax World

Our goal

Sending you on an outdoor adventure with expert advice and tailored to your needs.

Our plan

To give you the feeling of entering not a room but a world full of possibilities for discovery.

It also serves as the ideal training setting for our specialised reltailers where they can learn about our latest products. 

This way we can ensure the service quality you expect at your local retailer.

Petromax World Showroom Mountain Scenery Dinghy
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Petromax World Look Showroom

Project implementation

After the space was planned on the digital drawing board, extensive conversion work took place during which the space was gutted and renovated from scratch.

The specially and hand-made platform required a lot of skill, but was nevertheless worth the effort: Together with the mountain panorama consisting of almost 500 individual images, the possibilities for adventure with Petromax will reveal themselves the moment you enter. We emphasised especially on natural materials during the renovation.

With new flooring, a checkout area, the first rows of shelves and the room dividers for the future training area, anticipation started to set it. The custom-made furnishings and panelling made from tree trunk cuttings were important design elements. After all, wood and cast-iron Petromax products combine perfectly.

After further detailing and final touches, the Petromax World was ready to open on time in April 2018.

Since then, the Petromax World has been the centre of our headquarters. Fans and visitors can touch, test and combine our high-quality products. And our partners and specialised retailers can come here to receive comprehensive training and information on our open-air site.

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Opening hours

Come and see Petromax for yourself and let yourself be infected by our passion for fire, light and outdoor cooking as many visitors have done before you.

You can visit and experience the Petromax World on the following days:

Monday to Thursday: 09.00–16.30
Friday: 09.00–15.00


Petromax GmbH
Sudenburger Wuhne 61
39116 Magdeburg

Here you can find our address on Google Maps.

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