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How do I proceed in case of a complaint about my product?

If, occasionally, a product does not completely meet your requirements and you would like to contact us to solve a potential problem or complain about a product, you best proceed as follows: Always send your request via e-mail including the receipt, pictures or videos of the product as well as your complete contact details. You can be certain that we will process your e-mail in a timely manner. If, however, it does take somewhat longer at the time our service team is dealing with an increased number of requests. 

Please refrain from sending a second message with the same subject or from leaving an additional message on the answering machine as this will lead to an increased workload in the service department. Your satisfaction is our very first priority and we, therefore, guarantee that we are there for you and your request as soon as possible.

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Cleaning Loden: How do I clean Petromax Loden the right way?

Your equipment made of Petromax Loden is absolutely low maintenance. It’s because Loden is both spark resistant and odour resistant by nature, you can wear your Petromax Loden clothing on exhausting trips or around a campfire without absorbing body odour and smoke

It is sufficient to air your Petromax Loden the next day in order to make it smell fresh again. In case your clothing got really wet, let it dry in lying position (do not hang up). Let dry persistent dirt (mud etc.) and remove it then with a soft clothes brush. 

Usually, your Petromax Loden clothing needs no washing. It’s okay to take it to wash it from time to time with the specially developed Bio Hand Wash Detergent or to have it dry-cleaned from time to time. 

Your Petromax Loden is iron-safe because in doing so you smooth the wool fibres and thus support the water and wind resistance. Set your iron at medium temperature and smooth the clothing surface with little pressure. You should cover the chest and shoulder areas with ironing paper.

Bio Hand Wash Detergent for Petromax Loden
Natural cleaning for tough cases: The Bio Hand Wash Detergent for LodenThe Bio Hand Wash Detergent is your naturally strong concentrate for cleaning Petromax outdoor clothing as well as all common wool textiles. In case the last mission in the outdoor kitchen left its marks on Deubelskerl, Bergmaid & co. the special enzyme formula provides remedy. Persistent odours and penetrated soiling are removed thoroughly as well as gently. The ingredients of the environmentally compatible washing agent provide for traceless removal of vegetable and animals fats without damaging the textures or wool fibres. Your robust traditional fabric is thus maintained in a material-friendly manner, remains dimensionally stable and lastingly resilient. Sustainability followed through: The washing agent in the recycled plastic bottle is biodegradable, can simply be drained and in addition refreshes the garments with pine forest scent. Shake off every layer of grease and start off fresh into the next adventure! How to wash my Loden correctly?1 Step: The Bio Hand Wash Detergent is concentrated cleaning power in a bottle. Therefore, mix in ratio 1:25 and add for instance 400 mL to 10 L of water. Prepare a dipping bath inside your bathtub, washing tub or bucket. Make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 30 °C or feels lukewarm.2 Step: Insert your Loden clothing and make sure that it soaks up water thoroughly. Let soak for well over 2 hours. 3 Step: Finally rinse your clothing with clear water and lay flat to dry. Attention: Do not wring, as your Loden might lose its shape. Avoid direct sunlight or direct proximity to heaters during drying.Tip for expedited drying: After rinsing prepare a large towel and roll your Loden or wool garment loosely inside. When you just press gently on the roll, you squeeze out a large proportion of water without distorting the shape of the material. Technical detailsMixing ratio: concentrate to water 1:25Content: 750 mL (EUR 19.99 / 1000 mL)Weight: 1090 gMaterial (bottle): recyclateAroma: pineScope of delivery1 x Bio Hand Wash Detergent for Petromax LodenGo to User manual >>


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Are Petromax products also independently tested?

The cast iron used for our products such as Dutch Ovens, Skillets, Loaf Pans and other cast-iron items is regularly checked for food safety by an independent institute. All other products intended to come into contact with food are also regularly tested.

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Where can I buy Petromax products, accessories or spare parts?

Please contact a retailer whom you trust. You can find a retailer in your vicinity within our worldwide network of retailers. Many of our partners also sell our products online: you can find them with the same search engine. Or you can order directly in our Petromax online shop.

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How can I use my Petromax products properly?

Ideally you have carefully read the user manual and/or the instructions on the packaging of your Petromax product. In the user manual and/or on the packaging, you can find tips and tricks on how to use the product properly.

The user manual is lost? You can find the suitable user manual on the respective product page in our online shop also as PDF for download. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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How can I properly care for my Petromax products?

For us, a product is good only when it is durable and resistant. Nonetheless, you will enjoy your product for a longer time if you care for it and use it properly – as described in the user manual.

Moreover, we offer various accessories that make it even easier for you to clean and care for your product properly. Just have a look at our Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron, the Bio Cleaner for Soot and Fire Traces, the Technical Petroleum Jelly or the Cleaning Polish and the soft Polishing Cloths.

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Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron
The Petromax Care and Seasoning Conditioner made of natural ingredients protects the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) of Petromax Dutch Ovens and any other cast iron cookware. It suits ideally for the seasoning of non pre-treated Dutch oven's surfaces. Care and protectionThe food safe conditioner is most effective when it is applied after every cooking procedure. It will maintain the pre-seasoned surface of your Petromax Dutch Oven. The conditioner also protects from rust. Application as seasoning conditionerThe conditioner suits perfectly for a very first seasoning as well as a re-seasoning. A (re-)seasoning with the conditioner enables you to eliminate rusty spots.Material compositionUnlike standard cooking oil, the conditioner, thanks to a refined blend of different natural oils, does not become rancid. So it is ideally for long-lasting storage purposes.Excellent patinaThe regular use of the food safe care conditioner will create over time a high-quality patina. This patina will not only improve the quality of your Dutch oven but will also optimise its cooking features. Ingredients:Made of pure natural ingredients, food-safe, vegan, gluten free, paraffinum subliquidum Ph. Eur., virgin oil, triglyceride oil, base oil mixture of ionic colouring, fluid and weight food additives. Store closed in a cool, dark place.Technical dataContent: 250 mL (51.96 € / 1000 ml)Weight: 226 gScope of delivery1 x Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron Go to User manual >>


Bio Cleaner for Soot and Fire Traces (750 mL)
Natural power cleaner against grease and combustion traces The Bio Cleaner for Soot and Fire Traces easily and efficiently removes stubborn soiling from your Petromax outdoor cooking places. Residues can be powerfully removed with the ready-to-use mixture. The Petromax cleaner relies on natural ingredients thus being especially material friendly on your outdoor equipment. The power cleaner is biodegradable and without any artificial fragrances and added colouring. You can easily apply it onto steel, stainless steel, enamelled or powder-coated surfaces and at the same time provide for optimal material conservation. It leaves a protective layer which directly counteracts rust development. This way you complete two maintenance procedures in just one step and support the durability of your fireproof cooking equipment. Easy application with instant effect Not only consists the Bio Cleaner for Soot and Fire Traces of environmentally compatible ingredients, but the bottle with practical spray head is also made from recycled materials. You thus receive pure and natural cleaning power that can be used immediately. To rid your cooking equipment of oil, grease and stubborn traces of use you generously spray the respective spots. Shortly after application you can rinse your grill or cooking utensil with clear water and then wipe with a dry cloth. For strongly soiled spots you can also work in the Bio Cleaner with a soft brush or household sponge. Do not use a metal sponge as it harms the material surface. When applied regularly especially metal outdoor equipment with alloyed or coated surface will be ideally protected from rust and remain long-term ready-to-use. Due to its grease dissolving power the Bio Cleaner is not suitable for patinated surfaces of cast / wrought iron or fire bowls. Please always observe the instructions for use and safety on label. Technical details Content: 750 mL (EUR 19.99 / 1000 mL) Ingredients: 5 - 15 % non-ionic surfactants, < 5 % anionic surfactants, < 5 % amphoteric surfactants W x H x D: 9 x 28 x 7 cm Weight: 835 g Suitable for: steel, stainless steel, enamel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, powder-coated and zinc-plated surfaces, aluminium Scope of delivery 1 x Bio Cleaner for Soot and Fire Traces, spray bottle (750 mL) Go to User manual >>


Cleaning Polish
With the Petromax Cleaning polish your polished and chrome-plated metal surfaces will shine in new brilliance. Thanks to its special formula, dirt residues can be efficiently removed for an optimal polishing result. The cleaning polish suits to all Petromax models. Simple application and polishingApply the Cleaning polish on a soft cloth, like the Petromax Polishing Cloth for instance, and apply it by using circular motions on the polishing surfaces. After a short drying time, remove the dirt residues with the soft cloth. Composition: 15-30% aliphatic hydrocarbons, 5-15% aromatic hydrocarbons, soap (anionic surfactants)


Polishing Cloth
The Petromax polishing clothes enable you to polish your metal surfaces to a high gloss.The polishing clothes, made of particularly soft synthetic fibres, are very handy thanks to their dimensions of 30cm x 30cm. Combined with the Petromax Cleaning Polish, the polishing cloth will restore the original splendor of your Petromax lamps or other products. We recommend using one of the polishing cloth for the basic polishing procedures and the other for the final polishing. It is fully machine washable at 60°C. Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): 30 x 30 x 0,5L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 16 x 15,5 x 2,5Weight (in g): 60Weight with packaging (in g): 60Scope of delivery1 x Polishing Cloth


Leather Washer for Pump Piston HK150/HK250/HK350/HK500
This Leather Washer for Pump Piston is suitable for all Petromax models HK150/250/350/500. Before the installation the leather washer must be greased and softly kneaded. The Petromax Technical Petroleum Jelly is perfectly suited to that purpose (#vas).Technical dataMaterial: leatherScope of delivery1 x Leather Washer for Pump Piston HK150/HK250/HK350/HK500


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How do I apply the Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron?

After usage of your cast and wrought iron cookware, please clean it with clear water and dry the surface thoroughly. Apply a thin layer on the still warm surface. Please store your product open at a dry and well-ventilated place. Now your product is ready to use it in the fire again. There is no need to rinse Dutch Ovens and Co. as the Petromax Care Conditioner consists of natural, food safe and tasteless ingredients.

Your cast iron and wrought iron companion is well protected and preserved in case you repeat the care process after each utilisation.

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Do Petromax Cast-Iron products need to be seasoned?

All Petromax cast-iron products are pre-seasoned. You do not need to season them before the first use, as we did that for you. Delivered ready-to-use you can – after a brief rinsing with hot water – try them out immediately. Please make sure to never let seasoned cast-iron products come into contact with dishwashing detergent.

For a long lifespan cast iron needs some care. If the patina has been affected or your Petromax Cast Iron shows spots of rust at places, due to too much moisture in stowage, you can counteract easily with a few simple steps. Petromax Cast Iron is robust and forgives small handling errors. If such a case arises, according to the intensity of the rust, you either just need to add some grease (due to longer preservability we recommend Petromax Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron) or re-season your cast iron. How you handle that task you find out in the user manual for Petromax Cast Iron on page 4.

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Can I send my Petromax lamp or other products for repair?

We offer you a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase. If you cannot use your product properly due to a defect in material or manufacturing, you are entitled to a warranty repair. For that purpose, contact the dealer who sold the product to you. The warranty does not cover and is invalidated by improper use or misuse of our products. Outside of this period of two years, we do not offer any repair.

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Can you sell one of my old Petromax lamps or other products?

No, we do not purchase second-hand products. Furthermore, we sell new goods only.

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Do you offer a factory outlet?

There is no classic factory outlet. However, in April 2018, we opened the Petromax Product World at our production site in Magdeburg. 

At this exhibition area of more than 200 square metres, we present all products of the traditional brand Petromax. 

You are invited to have a close look at the assortment, touch it, and of course buy it. If you desire, we offer a personal and detailed product consulting on-site.

Opening hours of the Petromax World

Monday to Thursday 9am – 4.30pm and Friday 9am – 3pm

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Do you offer factory tours?

No. Due to insurance reasons we do not offer tours of our production site in Magdeburg.

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How can I become a retailer for you?

You can find information about this here: Become a retailer.

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How can I get support and sponsoring from Petromax as a blogger, video blogger or event organiser?

Every month we receive numerous requests for the sponsoring of events, bloggers and video bloggers. We would like to support each project but we simply cannot, and we thus must decline many requests. Nevertheless, if you are convinced that Petromax is the right sponsor for you, feel free to contact us. We regularly look through the sponsoring requests and we are looking forward to inspiring, exciting, bold and ground breaking adventures and people.

Important for us:

  • What is your project and how are you going to make it happen? What can you already show us?
  • How will the project be documented and published? (Blogs, magazines, social media, etc.)
  • How can we help you with your project? Which products are you interested in and why?
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Where is Petromax produced?

Since 1910 the dragon brand Petromax stands for German engineering skill, tradition and highest quality. Until today, this mission statement accompanies us on a daily basis, especially when it comes to development and production of our products.

As a result, the Petromax High Pressure Lamp is assembled by hand from more than 200 individual parts in our manufacture at Magdeburg company location. All our products originate from in-house development at company headquarters in Germany. Every day our product development department, a team of engineers and product designers, designs, constructs, tests and improves new products in Magdeburg. In terms of production of our natural and traditional clothing fabrics in Germany we strongly pay attention to animal welfare – for instance the Loden made in Germany is produced 100 % mulesing free. Also, a considerable part of our cooking equipment is made in Germany, such as our Griddle and Fire Bowls as well as our Wrought-Iron Pans, the Hobo Stove or the Tripod Lashing.

To meet the high standards of quality, the high product standards as well as the expectations of our customers regarding cast iron, we decided to establish our very own production line for cast iron in Asia. We could by no means achieve the product quality of Petromax Cast Iron with production in Germany. That way, we can directly influence production standards and quality testing and control. Certification of our cast-iron products takes place afterwards by an independent German institute, so that you can always be sure about the high quality of our products.

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Petromax 500 HK (brass polished)
Colour: Brass
The Petromax HK500 is among the most famous lamps in the world. Thanks to its impressive light output of 400 watts, the lamp combines a unique technique with an elegant design. Since the Petromax pressure lamp was invented in 1910, its spellbinding brightness gives light to the darkness. A weatherproof and reliable lampWith its bright light, the robust pressure lamp not only fascinates retro design lovers, globetrotters and outdoor enthusiasts, but is also used by humanitarian aid organizations and armed forces. Thanks to its temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, which is manufactured by the company Schott, the lamp is a reliable light source that can be used in all weathers.A unique high pressure technology & high-quality German manufacturingThe excellent light output of the Petromax lamp results from a simple, yet fascinating principle: The kerosene under pressure is conducted into a carburettor, where the evaporated fuel reacts to the mantle impregnated with luminous salt, which results in a bright, warm light. In order for this principle to work flawlessly, the more than 200 pieces of the lamp are still assembled by hand. The right accessory for each situationBesides various reflectors, and storage and transport bags, many other accessories are suitable for Petromax lamps. For example, they can be turned into a stove or a radiator. Thanks to this vast range of high-quality accessories, the Petromax lamp can be personalized.Technical dataMaterial: brass, polishedTank capacity: 1 litre(s)Burning time: 8 hour(s)Power output: 400 watt(s)Fuel: kerosene or paraffinScope of delivery1 x Petromax 500 HK (brass polished)1 x Funnel1 x Spare Parts Set (5 pieces)1 x Spirit Bottle2 x Mantle HK5001 x User Manual Go to User manual >>


Petromax Deubelskerl Loden Jacket for Men (green)
Colour: Green | Size: L
True hotshots wear Loden: The Petromax Deubelskerl Loden jacket for men makes you fit for your next start into pristine nature. Thanks to the traditional fabric having spark-resistant and water-repellent as well as odour-inhibiting properties you are ready for sweaty excursions over mountains and through valleys. This way, you can fully enjoy evenings at the campfire as well as cooking on sparkling embers. The proven natural fabric Loden satisfies all your demands for modern outdoor garments: With 480 g pure sheep's wool per running metre the Deubelskerl is robust, dimensionally stable and at the same time pleasantly lightweight. The outer material made of 100% Loden fabric lets you and your skin breathe naturally and at the same time effectively protects you from the elements. The model Deubelskerl from the Petromax Loden Collection is an unlined jacket, highly suitable for all-season use under the open sky, either worn on its own or with other layers of clothing underneath. The embroidered dragon logo on chest and back adds extra fire to the look of your Deubelskerl. Product features of your Deubelskerl at a glance Hood adjustable in two positions, high collar, two chest pockets and two large side pockets (one-handed operation, lined with mesh), cuffs with hook and loop fastener, adjustable elastic bottom, two-way zip. Embroidered dragon logo on chest and back of the jacket. Technical Details Outer material: 100 % Loden (milled sheep's wool) Material thickness: 480 g / rm Colours: green Sizes: XS - 3XL What is Petromax Loden? Petromax Loden is a durable natural product. For centuries, Loden fabrics are already known as resilient textiles for outdoor clothing and are utilised until today, for instance as hunting garments. Petromax Loden consists of 100 % milled sheep's wool – mulesing free, sustainable and without additives. The manufacture of the durable Loden fabric takes place in Germany following traditional methods in several complex work stages. When milled the spun and woven wool is so strongly tamped in water that due to the resulting pressure and friction extreme compression is achieved. Only this makes the natural fibres become extremely robust, dimensionally stable, spark-resistant as well as resistant against water and wind. Thus, Petromax Loden Clothing is of highest quality. How to care for Petromax Loden? Petromax Loden Clothing is very low-maintenance and when observing the following tips, will endure many years of adventures: After wearing a simple airing of the garments suffices for them to smell fresh once again. Milled Loden does not absorb odours and proves resistant against body odours or smoke odour. Rough dirt can be brushed out dryly. Usually, Loden does not need to be washed. For strong and persistent dirt Loden clothing can washed with the specially developed Bio Hand Washing Detergent or it can be dry cleaned. Regular ironing condenses the surface once again and preserves water-resistance. For that purpose, adjust your iron to medium and smooth out your garment surface with low pressure. Cover logo and lettering embroidery with ironing paper.


Wrought-Iron Pan SP28
Size: Ø 28 cm
This is what makes the wrought iron pan the cooking equipment for life with incomparable frying properties: Made in Germany Ready for use in no time due to excellent heat conductivity Extreme heat-resistance and ideally made for searingNon-stick effect, without artificial coating due to a natural, self-forming patina Extra-long handle with hook for hanging on a rucksackThe Petromax Wrought Iron Pan brings unique roasting flavours to your outdoor kitchen. The robust material is heat-resistant and ideal for searing potatoes, steaks, or vegetables. Thanks to its excellent heat conductivity, the pan reaches high temperatures in no time. Its unparalleled frying properties make the wrought iron pan an indispensable component in many professional kitchens. Handling and cleaning are very easy, which is why the Wrought Iron Pan is also suitable for beginners.The patina, which becomes stronger with each use, prevents your food from sticking. This chemical-free anti-stick effect occurs naturally after the seasoning process and makes the Petromax Wrought Iron Pan even more robust and resistant over time. The more the patina is developed, the less oil and fat you need when cooking. Thanks to the long handle with a hook, the pan is at a safe distance from the heat source and can easily be attached to a backpack and taken on an adventure. The Wrought-Iron Pan is suitable for all types of stoves and open fires.Technical DataMaterial: wrought-ironDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 3 x 28 x 28 cmDimensions with packaging (approx.) (H x W x D): 14,5 x 53 x 28 cmContact surface: 20,5 cmWeight (approx.): 1,6 kg Scope of delivery1 x Petromax Wrought-Iron Pan1 x user manual Go to User manual >>

from €32.99*

Hobo Stove bk1
This compact and efficient hobo stove is reliable: it supports pots of every size and weight and is assembled in just a few steps. Made of resistant stainless steel, it is exactly what is needed for adventurers, campers and bushcraft fans.Economical, efficient and adaptableThe ingenious design of the Petromax bk1 creates a stack effect which burns branches and twigs economically, yet at an extremely high temperature. Depending at what height the grate is installed, the fuel to be used is not the same: If the grate of the bk1 is at the bottom, brushwood, branches or small twigs, that can easily be provided through the large opening, are suitable. In the upper position, the hobo stove works with a dry fuel tablet or a spirit burner.Easy to assemble on the wayThe Petromax bk1 is easy to assemble thanks to a simple push-together system. The separate parts can thus be packed optimally in the flat and robust transport pouch made of ripstop fabrics without clattering. With a weight of only 590 g, pouch included, and its small packing size, the Petromax bk1 hobo stove fits in every backpack.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steelWeight (w/o pouch): 0,37 kgWeight (w/ pouch): 0,59 kgMaterial thickness: 0,08 cmL x W x H (in cm): 11.7 x 14 x 12.5L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 17 x 22 x 4Weight (in g): 590Weight with packaging (in g): 650Scope of delivery1 x Hobo Stove bk11 x User ManualGo to User manual >>


Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl
Size: Ø 48 cm
Why the Griddle and Fire Bowl is the ideal basic equipment for your cooking adventures:Griddle Plate and Fire Bowl in one productMade in Germany from sturdy and resistant steelNatural non-stick effect thanks to patina that occurs from seasoningStackable and therefore versatileMinimal size due to unscrewable support legs (without tools)The Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl is the ideal foundation for intense barbecue adventures. Even as a beginner, you will achieve professional cooking results. The three support legs can be easily and quickly attached, allowing your Grill Plate to sit safely over the fire. Once you have seasoned the equipment, you can start grilling right away. Meat, fish, vegetables, a proper portion of scrambled eggs or full stir-fried dishes – with the Grill Plate you have the utmost flexibility. You can decide whether your preparation needs full or moderate flame power by positioning it either in the centre or on the outer edge. The Griddle and Fire Bowl can optimally be used for strengthening yourself and your crew on outdoor adventures or for warming up, as it can also be used as a Fire Bowl without any hassle. You can grill at will, even without the availability of a fixed fireplace, by simply stacking the Griddle and Fire Bowl on top of each other according to their size. You light the campfire in the bottom bowl and on the top plate you can barbecue your food. The Griddle and Fire Bowl, with its minimalist touch, offers you the best conditions for a successful barbecue.Technical details Material: steel Dimensions: 29.3 x 59.6 x 48 cm Dimensions with packaging: 5.5 x 49 x50 cmWeight: 5.5 kgWeight with packaging: 5.9 kg Extension via support legs: 23 cmScope of delivery1 x Griddle and Fire Bowl 3 x support legs1 x user manual Go to User manual >>

from €79.99*

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