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Your life takes place outdoors and while others are happy to sit by the oven at home, you rather have one to accompany you? 

With Petromax Outdoor Ovens you have your desired temperature with you. Whether it is a powerful outdoor cooking place or a autarkic heater for your shelter, we have the right Outdoor Oven for you.

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Outdoor Oven Loki Tent

What is an Outdoor Oven?

An oven is a fixed device with an integral furnace that allows the combustion of solid, liquid or gaseous fuels through which heat is generated. The heat thus generated is used for heating, cooking or baking.

An Outdoor Oven combines all the advantages of an oven in a portable version. Here, too, a device is used for burning the fuel. Petromax Outdoor Ovens are fueled with branches, twigs and small logs. Thus, you generate heat efficiently andheat up your cookware properly.

The Loki2 Tent Oven also serves as a full-fledged heater for your tent, teepee or yurt. It has a chimney-like structure and generates comfortable temperatures in a very short time. With an Outdoor Oven, you always take your stove and heater with you.

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What is an Outdoor Oven good for?

An Outdoor Oven is used wherever you need a reliable heat source. You do not always have the opportunity or time to build a large fireplace.

Rocket Stoves are ideal for this purpose as because they generate high temperatures in a very short time.

If you also need a warming tent, the Loki2 serves as an autarkic, adjustable heat source. Thus, you can pursue your adventures even on chilly days.

Outdoor Oven Rocket Stove
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Petromax Rocket Stove
What makes the Rocket Stove the high-performance stove for your fast-paced cooking adventures:Self-sufficient outdoor stove for rapid heating using small branches, twigs or pine conesEfficient and powerful using minimal fuel thanks to the chimney effect Well equipped and well insulated for residue-free operationsOptimal heat distribution due to the cast-iron cooking surface Compact cooking place that is ready for immediate useThe Petromax Rocket Stove efficiently heats up your cookware in a short time. The L-shaped design ensures efficient combustion by creating a chimney effect. A continuous supply of oxygen and an upward draft of air keep the fire alive while you add the required fuel via the fuel support. In just a few minutes you will have boiling water, a warm stew, or some crispy fried food. Requiring no electricity, the Rocket Stove can easily accompany you on your independent adventures. You will benefit from all the advantages of this high-performance cooking station while you are out and about. All you need are small branches, twigs or pine cones to get the fire going and bring the Rocket Stove up to temperature. The cooking surface retains the heat and redistributes it evenly to your Percolator, Dutch Oven (without legs) or your cast-iron or wrought-iron pans. The Rocket Stove heats up your cooking equipment quickly and easily, satisfying your hunger for a snack or larger meal in no time. Technical dataMaterial: stainless steel, cast iron, woodDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D) [when set up]: 32.5 x 27.5 x 47.5 cmDimensions with packaging (approx.) (H x W x D): 35 x 29.5 x 26.5 cmTotal weight (approx.): 6 kgWeight with packaging (approx.): 7 kgScope of delivery1 x Rocket Stove rf33 with fuel support 2 x handles with 3 screws for each one 1 x user manual Go to User manual >>


Petromax Loki2
Out and about with the tent and camping at the lake: As soon as fresh night air spreads, the Petromax Loki2 reliably heats up the tent. At the same time the tent oven is a stable stove and outdoor cooking place. Thanks to its clever design the support legs of the Loki2 can be folded and the flue parts stowed space-savingly inside the corpus. This way you can easily carry along the combination of cooking place and heater wherever you go. Heating up properly You decide how much warmth the tent oven supplies as the continuously adjustable slider in the oven door offers you full fire control. In addition, the window allows you a peak into the combustion chamber so that you notice at once when fuel needs to be added. An attached ember tray protects the tent floor from falling embers. Overall, through its half-round corpus the Petromax Loki2 efficiently radiates combustion heat into its surroundings. This way you heat up your tent in no time. Designed for on the way and well-packed The Loki2 tent oven convinces through its thought-out construction: By means of a plug system the folded-out support legs are fastened and promise a stable footing. When the three support legs are folded and the five-part flue is stowed inside the combustion chamber of the oven, the highly effective all-rounder comes down to a small packing size of 52 x 33 x 33 cm. In addition, before stowing and transportation the removable ash dish eases cleaning. With about 12 kg the Petromax Loki2 is a lightweight among tent ovens and is easily stowed in the accessory transport bag that Petromax offers. Versatile tent kitchen When camping outdoors you succeed in cooking a savoury meal with the Petromax Loki2 as effortless as at home: just heat up and place pot or pan on the 40 x 25 cm cooking area. If you do not want to miss out on the campfire feeling and like to cook over the open fire you can just remove the round cooker hob cover from the stove. For tipi, tent and co. The Petromax tent oven Loki2 is suitable for various tent types as soon as it has been supplemented with the appropriate tent kit. For that purpose, Petromax offers the respective accessories for tents, shed roofs and tipis. We recommend that you always use the Petromax Loki2 together with the Spark Arrestor, to protect your tent roof as well as the surroundings from flying sparks. Technical Details Diameter Stovepipe: 6 cm / 2.4 in Size assembled: 247 x 87 x 55 cm / 97.2 x 34.3 x 21.7 in Pack size: 52 x 33 x 33 cm / 20.5 x 13 x 13 in Material: coated steel, glass Weight: 10.5 kg / 23.1 lb. Work height: 51 cm / 20 in Scope of delivery 1 x Petromax Loki2 1 x Flue with damper 4 x Flue 1 x Ember tray 1 x Removable ash dish 1 x User manual Go to User manual >>


Which Outdoor Oven is suitable for camping?

Both the Loki2 and the Rocket Stove are Outdoor Ovens that are especially suitable for camping. However, these two Outdoor Ovens take a different approach. 

The Rocket Stove is a portable and powerful outdoor cooking station.

The Loki2, on the other hand, is a warming fireplace for your tent also serving as a cooking stove. 

Each of the two outdoor stoves will undoubtedly enrich your thirst for adventure. You now need to find out which of these Outdoor Ovens suits your needs.

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Which is the best Outdoor Oven?

The term Outdoor Oven essentially describes all devices with a combustion chamber allowing you to cook or bake outdoors. Pizza ovens and traditional bread ovens are, therefore, also considered Outdoor Ovens. 

Petromax Outdoor Ovens are made to accompany you on your adventures. Therefore, they are particularly flexible in use. However, which of these two Outdoor Ovens is the best depends on how exactly you intend to use it. To make it easier for you to decide, here is small overview for you.

Outdoor Oven comparison – Loki2 vs. Rocket Stove:

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Rocket Stove
Transport:• Easy transport with Rocket Stove Transport Bag• Easy transport thanks to retractable feet and Bag for Loki and Loki2
Assembly:• One-time assembly of handles• Simple, tool-free assembly with adaptation options for the tube system
Material:• Stainless steel, cast iron, wooden handles• Coated steel / glass door
Heat development:• Fast and strong heat generation and heat reduction• Slow firing (chimney design)
• Constant temperatures over a longer period of time
Heat regulation:• Insert branches, twigs or pine cones to regulate the temperature• The temperature can be adjusted using a slider
Area of use:• Self-sufficient outdoor cooking station • Warming heater for tent, teepee, yurt or wooden hut
• Self-sufficient cooking station
Accessories and spare parts:• Transport Bag for the Rocket Stove Bag for Loki and Loki2
• Oven door window
• Flue
• Teepee Sleeve
• Charcoal Grate
• Flue with Damper
• Angled Tube Set
• Spark Arrestor
• Tent Kit
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So, if you are out in the field a lot or need a compact cooking place that is quickly ready for use, the Rocket Stove is the perfect choice for you. 

If you are looking for a suitable oven for your tent, teepee or the like that will not let cold nights get to you, the Loki 2 with cooking capability is the right Outdoor Oven for you.

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Accessories for your Outdoor Oven

Bag for Loki and Loki2
Packed and carried along: The compact tent oven and camping stove Loki can be packed in this bag. Other accessories can be attached on the top of the bag thanks to two clip fasteners. Upholstered for first-class stability The transport bag is made of high-quality Ripstop fabric. It is thus particularly robust and tear-proof. Its inside is upholstered, so that nothing can wobble or slip. Both the handles and the removable length-adjustable shoulder strap are separately reinforced and ensure nice wearing comfort.Extra storage capacity for accessories in the cover In the bag cover there is a spacious zip pouch: accessories or small pieces such as Petromax Fire kit or the ash catcher can be packed here. The bag proves itself to be made for the Loki, for its cover takes on the shape of the flue. Moreover the bag is embroidered with the Petromax logo, which has always stood for excellent quality.Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): 35 x 55 x 30L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 35 x 55 x 5Weight (in g): 500Weight with packaging (in g): 520Scope of delivery1x Transport bag for Loki


Transport Bag for Rocket Stove rf33
The bag with its reinforced walls and base offers a safe solution for the transport of the Rocket Stove rf33. The sturdy padded Ripstop fabric with an embroidered Petromax logo brings additional stability. Both handles as well as the removable shoulder strap are particularly reinforced and provide great wearing comfort. Accessories can be put in mesh pockets inside the lid or in the outer pockets with hook-and-loop fasteners. Technical dataMaterial: nylonColour: blackL x W x H (in cm): 28 x 32 x 34,5L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 8 x 27 x 32Weight (in g): 980Weight with packaging (in g): 1000Scope of delivery1 x Transport Bag for Rocket Stove rf33


Tent Kit for Loki and Loki2
With this passage, the tubes of Petromax Loki are guided through various tents and can be permanently attached.Technical dataPipe Diameter: 6-8 cmAngle of inclination: 0° - 45°Scope of delivery1 x Tent kit for Loki Go to User manual >>


Flue with Damper for Loki and Loki2
With the Flue with damper you are the one steering. The flue segment is attached directly to the corpus of the tent oven Loki2 and guarantees for easy air suction control. Via the damper you adjust the airflow in such a way as for your fire to blaze. In doing so and in combination with the continuous airflow adjustment at the oven door of Loki2 you control to the point the heating and cooking performance of your tent oven. Caution: The flue with damper must be directly connected to the tent oven Loki2 and may not be used repeatedly within the flue segment structure. Repeated use of the segment and / or wrong positioning can lead to deterioration of the chimney effect as well as air outlet. Also suitable for Petromax Loki. Technical Data W x H x D: 11 x 41 x 6.5 cm W x H x D packed: 11 x 41 x 6.5 cm Weight: 750 g Weight in packing: 800 g Scope of delivery 1 x Flue with damper for Loki and Loki2 (spare part)


Angled Tube Set for Loki and Loki2 (2 pcs.)
Pointing the way: The Petromax Angled Tube Set enables you to set up your Loki2 inside your tent at the exact spot where you need it. Easily attached between two flue segments you guide your exhaust air outside in an angle of 45° or 90°, even though the sidewalls of the tent. Individually or bound together, one after another or shifted: Use the Angled Tube Set according to your local conditions or individual needs. This way you can fire up your Loki2 properly. Safety notes: Attach the Angled Tubes only above the Flue with Damper, otherwise the function of exhaust air control may be strongly impaired. Please keep in mind that an angled or horizontally fastened flue needs extra stabilisation or support. Technical Data Dimensions: 19.3 x 12.3 x 6 cm Weight: 372 g Scope of delivery 2x Angled Tubes each with 45° angle for Loki and Loki2


Spark Arrestor for Loki and Loki2
Fire crackles and while the Petromax Tent Oven serves you as heater and cooker at the same time you do not need to worry about safety when using the Spark Arrestor. Thanks to the additional end section for your flue risings sparks from the exhaust airflow are soundly stopped. The Spark Arrestor is attached to your flue as a final segment and rising sparks extinguish on the metal grid. This way you reduce fire hazard and protect your shelter as well as your surroundings. In addition, by using the Spark Arrestor you prevent moisture or leaves to penetrate from above and your flue remains clear at all times. The Spark Arrestor offers you extra stability: Via three loops the Spark Arrestor can be attached to the tent / tipi of fixed to the ground. This way your flue gets even more stability and even defies strong winds. Also suitable for Petromax Loki. Technical Data W x H x D: 11 x 11 x 17.5 cm W x H x D in packing: 12 x 12 x 21 cm Weight: 350 g Weight in packing: 380 g Scope of delivery 1x Spark Arrestor for Loki and Loki2


Charcoal Grate for Loki and Loki2
With this your fire will not get out of breath. For keeping control of the flames inside your Loki2 Petromax recommends the extra Charcoal Grate for your tent oven. He reliably separates embers and burning wood from ashes and thus ensures for optimum oxygen supply. In combination with the adjustable slider in the oven door you obtain an individually controllable combustion and facilitate the chimney effect. The Petromax Charcoal Grate is positioned through the oven door. Also suitable for use with the Petromax Loki. Here the Charcoal Grate is placed on the lower part of the corpus through the oven door. Technical Details Material: stainless steel Dimensions: 2 x 13.8 x 40.4 cm Weight: 352 g


Shed kit for Loki2
With this passage, the tubes of Petromax Loki2 are guided through various canopies or shed roofs and can be permanently attached.Technical dataDimensions: 23 x 23 x 7 cm Suitable for: 60mm – 80mm pipe diameter; 0° – 20° angle of inclinationScope of delivery1 x Shed kit for Loki2 Go to User manual >>


Oven door window for Loki2
For perspective and full fire control: With this oven door window you can replace a defect glass on the oven door of your Petromax Loki2. It consists of high-strength borosilicate glass and is extremely heat-resistant. Safety note: For changing the window please unscrew the screw with the nut of the lower retaining plate on the oven door. Be careful when removing the retaining plate on the inside, as the old, defect window or glass fragments might fall down. Afterwards you install the new window in reverse order. Technical Data Material: borosilicate glass Dimensions: 6 x 12 x 0.5 cm Weight: 60 g Scope of delivery 1x Oven door window for Loki2


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