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Fire Kit
Starting a fire the easy way: Simply join together the six small pieces of wood with the cardboard, then place the cone in the middle of a prepared amount of firewood or among charcoal or barbecue briquettes, and light the kit with the matches included. You can light a fire quickly on the way just as well as at home in your chimney or barbecue, for the fire kit is packed in an outstandingly compact way. It stands out thanks to its simple use and its eco-friendliness.Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): 7,5 x 7,5 x 8,5L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 9 x 8 x 2Weight (in g): 50Weight with packaging (in g): 50Scope of delivery1 x Fire KitSafety matches contain oxidant (KClO3) and fuel and are usually ignited using the enclosed friction surface. However, in case of excessive friction on a smooth thermally non-conductive surface, the matches may also ignite. The matches are flammable. This may lead to burns or uncontrolled, life-threatening fire.Germany. Petromax GmbH. Sudenburger Wuhne 61. 39116 Magdeburg. Phone. +49-391-55684600. Average nominal content: 5 Safety Matches Keep away from children.


Cabix Plus Briquettes for Dutch oven and BBQ
With Cabix Plus, outdoor chefs now have the perfect briquettes for Dutch Oven, Loaf Pan and Co. Thanks to the broad surface area and excellent ventilation from the ridge profile, Cabix Plus ensure a consistent top and bottom heat. The combustion of the briquettes with only little ash residues facilitates cleaning the lid after cooking and baking. Cabix Plus briquettes are made of natural resources from the coconut milk production which makes them eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan and gluten free. With a burning time of up to four hours, the charcoal is dimensionally stable and produces even embers with constantly high calorific value. Cabix Plus briquettes are reusable if you should extinguish them. Being square and stackable, they save you storage area. Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): x x L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 18 x 17,5 x 17Weight (in g): 3000Weight with packaging (in g): 3100Scope of delivery1 x Cabix Plus Briquettes for Dutch oven and BBQ


Cooking Stand
The Petromax Cooking Stand made of steel is the perfect complement to outdoor cooking. It makes a safe supporting surface for heavy pans and pots and turns a normal fire place into a solid cooking place. The holes in each leg allow the Cooking Stand to be secured to the ground thanks to tent pegs. With the Petromax Cooking Stand, you can say goodbye to rickety constructions when outdoor cooking!Technical dataMaterial: steelDimensions (H x W x D): 18 x 34 x 3 cmDimensions (extended): 18 x 34 x 29 cm Weight: 1.2 kgDiameter pot (min.): 20 cmScope of delivery1 x Petromax Cooking Stand


Petromax Camping Oven
This makes your Petromax Camping Oven a high-quality stainless-steel oven for all outdoor activities:fully-fledged oven for the camper, gas table or over the embersthree-part shape ensures optimum top and bottom heatdishes fresh from the oven: casseroles au gratin, crispy rolls and juicy cakesSuitable for all hobs: Gas stove electric cooker, camper hotplate and over the campfiredragon-strong serving game in an unusual, round shapeBaking without an oven – oven-baked dishes on every adventureThe Petromax Camping Oven provides you with fresh veggie casseroles, breakfast buns or bacon rolls wherever you are thanks to all-round heat. Heat from the gas table, camping stove or embers rises from the base mold into the ring mold and cooks casseroles or roasts vegetables there. Beneath the closed lid, the heat can distribute itself optimally. This excellent air circulation comes from the clever design: ventilation openings and the outer coating allow you to achieve the best baking results with a great deal of independence! The camping oven with even heat distributionThe Petromax Camping Oven is suitable for your cooker, camping stove and for direct use over the embers in combination with the Cooking Stand. The heat accumulated in the base is perfectly transmitted to the various components of the camping oven: It rises through the central opening of the mold, guaranteeing even cooking of your chili con carne or cereal rolls. The lid ensures safe closure of the oven and optimum bottom and top heat.A well-rounded thing: The sophisticated mini oven for outdoorsThanks to the stainless-steel knob, you can safely check whether your outdoor dish is ready to be served. With the two handles, you can serve your oven dish in an unusual, circular shape that will turn heads. The space-saving mini oven for camping makes versatile oven meals possible wherever there is no oven. On the road in a camper or van, you can create dishes that will delight.Technical detailsMaterial: stainless steelDimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 14.3 x 41 x 31.6 cm Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 16 x 32 x 34 cmWeight, approx.: 1.64 kgCapacity, max.: 2 lScope of delivery1 x lid1 x ring mold with handles1 x base1 x instruction manualGo to User manual >>


Flexible spatula with long handle
Version: with long handle
From now on you will turn over meat, fish and vegetables with the flexible spatula for grills and pans: Not only the comfortable wooden handle, which is a pleasure to hold in your hand, but also the very well crafted blade made of brushed stainless-steel make it an indispensable part of any kitchen and barbecue equipment.Always flexibleTo allow you to have the cooking well in hand, the stainless steel blade tapers at its end. It stays thus supple and flexible, so that you are able to turn over food of every size. At the same time the spatula is steady enough for removing meat juices from the bottom of the pan or pot. The supple spatula is also particularly suitable for the Petromax griddles fs38, fs48 and fs56. For the handle's end is provided with a hole, you can conveniently hang and put away the spatula. For the spatula for grills and pans is available either with a short handle or with a long one, the model that you will choose will quickly become indispensable in the kitchen. Technical data Material: stainless steel, wood Dimensions blade: 7.3 x 17 cm Dimensions handle: 3 x 24 cm Weight: 190 g Scope of delivery 1x flex2

from €24.99*

Cast-Iron Stack Grate
Size: Ø 23 cm
The stack grate made of solid cast iron manages a first-class heat distribution – exactly what you need for baking, braising and steaming at several levels in the Dutch Oven. Your meat, vegetables and cakes are a success and do not burn, for the device stands on three 4.8-cm-long (1.89-inch-long) feet that manage the ideal distance from the bottom of the pot. Moreover, the stack grate fits particularly well in the Dutch ovens ft4.5 and in all bigger pots. You can use this grate immediately thanks to its seasoned finish and you don't have to season it before first use.In the pot, in the fire or as a trivetFor steaming in the Dutch Oven, put in one grate or simply pile up several grates. If the grate is directly in the embers, it quickly fries the perfect grill marks onto your piece of meat. Or you place the stack grate in the fire and use it as a surface for putting down percolators, tea kettles or Dutch Ovens without feet. You can also use it as a practical trivet for hot cookware on the table.Technical dataScope of delivery1 x Petromax Cast-Iron Stack GrateGo to User manual >>

from €24.99*

Petromax Cooking Tripod
With the Petromax Cooking Tripod everyone will enjoy a great outdoor-cooking experience. It can be easily and safely hung up a barbecue grate as well as a Petromax Dutch Oven. Due to its variable chain the distance between Dutch Oven or kettle and the fire can be easily altered at any time. The bevelled feet make sure that the tripod remains robust and safe on all kinds of surfaces. Each leg is continuously height-adjustable to keep the tripod evenly balanced in case of uneven ground. Technical data Transport size (folded): 12 x 98 x 12 cm Height (mounted, from the ground to the highest point): 88 -144 cm Length (leg): 88-159 cm Weight: 4.1 kg Maximum load: 40 kg Scope of delivery 1 x Petromax Cooking Tripod 1 x User Manual (German/English/French) Go to User manual >>


Petromax Atago
Extremely robust and with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Petromax Atago is an unrivalled all-in-one tool that can be used as a conventional barbecue, a stove, an oven, and a fire pit with charcoal briquettes or firewood. With its 4 basic functions, numerous preparation procedures and cooking methods are possible.The Petromax Atago can be used in combination with a Dutch oven or a wok. Because the wok or the Dutch oven placed on top of the Atago is completely surrounded by stainless steel, the heat yield is very high. Furthermore, the Petromax Atago comes with a grilling grate, which serves to transform it in a conventional barbecue. Without the grilling grate, the Atago serves as a fire pit or as a coffee maker in combination with the Petromax Percolator “Perkomax.”The Atago can be expanded to a convection oven: With the help of the additionally available convection dome you can prepare pizza. Thanks to its unique extension-retraction mechanism, the Petromax Atago is ready for use in a blink of an eye. When folded, it has a height of only 14 cm.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steelHeight (extended): 28 cmFuel: charcoal, briquettes, firewoodHeight (retracted): 14 cmScope of delivery1 x Petromax Atago1 x User Manual (German/English/French)Go to User manual >>


Flue for Loki and Loki2
With this single flue you replace one of the four upper segments of your versatile Petromax Tent Oven Loki2. You can link together the flues of Loki2 in random order, you merely need to keep in mind that the flue with damper always has to be attached to the corpus at first. Alternatively, you can individually extend the overall length of your flue with single flue segments and adjust to the height of your tent or tipi. However, do provide for sufficient stabilisation. Also suitable for Petromax Loki. Technical details W x H x D: 6,5 x 41 x 6,5 cm W x H x D in packing: 6,5 x 41 x 6,5 cm Weight: 600 g Weight in packing: 600 g


Transport Bag for Dutch Oven ft12, ft18, Fire BBQ Grill & Atago
Size: XL
This makes the Transport Bag for Dutch Oven an excellent transport and storage option for the Petromax Dutch Oven ft12, ft18 as well as the Fire Barbecue Grill tg3 or the Petromax Atago :Safe: Transport and storage option for the Dutch Ovens ft12, ft18, the Fire Barbecue Grill tg3 or the Petromax Atago Strong and tear-proof: Thanks to high-quality ripstop fabric Spacious: Zipped pocket and two mesh pockets for additional storage space for accessories Hard-wearing: Additional reinforcement at the bottom and removable and wipeable insert for strong grip Take it everywhere: Sturdy handles for optimal carrying comfort The Transport Bag for the Dutch Oven accompanies you on every one of your outdoor cooking adventures, making it easy and comfortable to take your Dutch Oven to the campfire. The Transport Bag is also a safe place for storing the cast-iron pot, as it provides particularly good protection against dirt and bumps. You can simply stow it in your rucksack or take it out into nature by the two handles. High-quality and tear-resistant ripstop fabric  The Transport Bag combines high-quality ripstop fabric with optimum carrying comfort: The nylon makes the bag for your cast-iron pot particularly strong and tear-resistant. Double seams reinforce the carrying handles so that the bag is a pleasure to take to the fireplace and ensures the highest possible stability. This is also due to the double-reinforced bottom of the bag, where the fabric is particularly strong and also has a removable insert. If necessary, the latter can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The Transport Bag is the strong protector of your Dutch Oven.Additional equipment in the spacious lid You pack it: Additional, small items for your adventure can easily be stowed in the spacious zipped pocket as well as in the two mesh pockets, e. g. the Fire Kit or the Chain Mail Cleaner. The traditional Petromax logo is embroidered on the lid of the bag and stands for continued excellent quality making the Petromax Dutch Oven bag a reliable and solid companion for your outdoor cooking experience. Technical details  Material: NylonDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 24 x 45 x 45 cm Weight (approx.): 1300 gWeight with packaging: 1300 gScope of delivery 1 x Transport Bag ft-ta-xl

from €14.99*

Hanging Grate for Cooking Tripod
Mobile swivel grill and cowboy cooking place all in one The Hanging Grate for the Petromax Cooking Tripod widens your outdoor kitchen by an original grilling experience at the campfire. The chromium-plated steel grate is suspended in no time on the hooks of your Cooking Tripod by means of the three stable chains and is ready for use instantly. You can comfortably adjust the distance to your cooking place via the length of the Tripod chains. Due to the natural swinging movement your strengthening meal is only exposed to the blazing flames in intervals and therefore, cooks gently. Large grilling grate provides space for fiery taste Steaks, filets and even vegetables absorb the intensive wood fire flavour and get the typical grill pattern due to the grated structure, thereby remaining especially juicy. At the same time the all-round raised edge keeps the food well in place. That way you can impart some extra swing to your grilling area and start to enjoy the pleasure of swivel grilling. With a surface diameter of 50 cm you have enough space for fiery meat dishes which will satisfy several empty stomachs. Get a taste of original grilling over the fire with the Petromax Hanging Grate.     Technical Details Material Hanging Grate: steel (chromium-plated) Material chains: steel (zinc-plated) Diameter grate: 50 cm Height edge: 2.7 cm Weight (overall): 2.3 kg Length (overall): 37 cm


BBQ and Coal Tongs (small)
Version: short 41 cm
The Petromax BBQ and coal tongs are your indispensable utensil for grilling and cooking outdoors. Cooking safely on the hot grillThe high-quality tongs made of brushed, stainless steel fit well in your hand thanks to their fine handle. Thanks to the curved tongs head, you can easily grasp and place food, coal and briquettes as desired. The right BBQ and coal tongs are always at hand for cooking well and safely on the hot grill.Clever storage The practical locking mechanism enables you to save space when storing your tongs. Thanks to the additional eyelet, you can also hang them in the cupboard or on a hook. Two sizesPetromax offers you the small BBQ and coal tongs with a length of 41 cm as well as a bigger model with a length of 54 cm.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steelMaterial (Handles): woodScope of delivery1 x BBQ and Coal Tongs (small)

from €19.99*

Transport Bag for Camping Oven
This makes the Transport Bag a safe transport and storage option for the Camping Oven and baking tray:Securely stowed: Suitable transport and storage option for the Petromax Camping Oven and Baking TrayMade for outdoors: Ripstop fabric for stable, tear-resistant and water-repellent transportAccessories always at hand: Zipped pocket and two mesh pockets for stowing smaller equipmentSafe storage: Additional padding on the bottom of the Transport BagEasy to carry: Reinforced handles ensure high carrying comfortAfter an exciting day off the beaten track, stop off at camp for a proper meal to end the day properly: You do not have to miss out on cheese-baked pasta and ham casserole, hearty nachos with salsa or a savoury minced meat dish with chilli thanks to the Camping Oven, which you can easily take with you wherever you go in the practical Transport Bag.The storage bag for the camping oven is made of reliable ripstop fabricThe sturdy, tear-resistant and water-repellent nylon bag is ideal for your outdoor adventure, as you can store not only the Camping Oven but also the Baking Tray inside. In addition, your accessories will also find space in the high-quality zipped pocket and the two mesh pockets. Whether at the lake, between dunes or in a forest clearing: thanks to the additional padding on the bottom of the Transport Bag, you can safely store the camping oven anywhere.The bag for the camping oven can be used for both transport and storageYou can carry the bag with the reinforced handles comfortably in your hand on any adventure and can also store the Camping Oven safely inside the Transport Bag after use. On the Gas Table, you can prepare hearty rolls, casseroles or a savoury snack in no time at all in the Camping Oven. The only difference to the oven at home: You take the Camping Oven along in the Transport Bag to follow only one path – the one ahead.Technical detailsMaterial: nylon ripstopDimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 2x 38 x 38 cmWeight, approx.: 390 gWeight with packaging, approx.: 405 gColour: BlackScope of delivery1 x Transport Bag for Camping Oven


Petromax Rocket Stove
What makes the Rocket Stove the high-performance stove for your fast-paced cooking adventures:Self-sufficient outdoor stove for rapid heating using small branches, twigs or pine conesEfficient and powerful using minimal fuel thanks to the chimney effect Well equipped and well insulated for residue-free operationsOptimal heat distribution due to the cast-iron cooking surface Compact cooking place that is ready for immediate useThe Petromax Rocket Stove efficiently heats up your cookware in a short time. The L-shaped design ensures efficient combustion by creating a chimney effect. A continuous supply of oxygen and an upward draft of air keep the fire alive while you add the required fuel via the fuel support. In just a few minutes you will have boiling water, a warm stew, or some crispy fried food. Requiring no electricity, the Rocket Stove can easily accompany you on your independent adventures. You will benefit from all the advantages of this high-performance cooking station while you are out and about. All you need are small branches, twigs or pine cones to get the fire going and bring the Rocket Stove up to temperature. The cooking surface retains the heat and redistributes it evenly to your Percolator, Dutch Oven (without legs) or your cast-iron or wrought-iron pans. The Rocket Stove heats up your cooking equipment quickly and easily, satisfying your hunger for a snack or larger meal in no time. Technical dataMaterial: stainless steel, cast iron, woodDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D) [when set up]: 32.5 x 27.5 x 47.5 cmDimensions with packaging (approx.) (H x W x D): 35 x 29.5 x 26.5 cmTotal weight (approx.): 6 kgWeight with packaging (approx.): 7 kgScope of delivery1 x Rocket Stove rf33 with fuel support 2 x handles with 3 screws for each one 1 x user manual Go to User manual >>


Baking tray for Petromax Camping Oven
The stainless-steel baking tray for the Petromax Camping Oven guarantees crispy baking results:Accessory: perfectly fitting shape for the Petromax Camping OvenTime-saving: simultaneous preparation of two dishes in the Petromax Camping OvenCleverly designed: crispy pizza and co. thanks to the side airflowOn all types of cookers: individual choice of fireplace in the great outdoors or on the cooker at homeEasy to use: simple serving thanks to the handles on the sideThe baking tray for the Petromax Camping Oven is the essential addition for preparing crispy breakfast rolls and pizzas. The well-thought-out system of lower and upper heat circulation allows you to obtain perfect cooking, - no matter where you are. The lateral air guidance, developed in the Petromax Dragon Workshop, ensures air circulation just like in the oven at home. Simply place the baking tray on the base mold and get the optimum heat. A round pizza tray made of stainless steel in combination with the camping oven: cook two dishes at the same time.If you're really hungry, you can also use the baking tray to prepare two dishes: Crispy nachos bake on the tray while the fiery chili simmers below. For easy handling, carry the Petromax Baking Tray by the two handles and you can serve in no time.Technical details Material: stainless steelDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 3.6 x 40.8 x 31 cmDimensions with packaging (approx.) (H x W x D): 4.0 x 31 x 34 cmWeight (approx.): 0.67 kgScope of delivery1 x Baking tray for Petromax Camping Oven 


Angled Tube Set for Loki and Loki2 (2 pcs.)
Pointing the way: The Petromax Angled Tube Set enables you to set up your Loki2 inside your tent at the exact spot where you need it. Easily attached between two flue segments you guide your exhaust air outside in an angle of 45° or 90°, even though the sidewalls of the tent. Individually or bound together, one after another or shifted: Use the Angled Tube Set according to your local conditions or individual needs. This way you can fire up your Loki2 properly. Safety notes: Attach the Angled Tubes only above the Flue with Damper, otherwise the function of exhaust air control may be strongly impaired. Please keep in mind that an angled or horizontally fastened flue needs extra stabilisation or support. Technical Data Dimensions: 19.3 x 12.3 x 6 cm Weight: 372 g Scope of delivery 2x Angled Tubes each with 45° angle for Loki and Loki2


Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl
Size: Ø 56 cm
Why the Griddle and Fire Bowl is the ideal basic equipment for your cooking adventures:Griddle Plate and Fire Bowl in one productMade in Germany from sturdy and resistant steelNatural non-stick effect thanks to patina that occurs from seasoningStackable and therefore versatileMinimal size due to unscrewable support legs (without tools)The Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl is the ideal foundation for intense barbecue adventures. Even as a beginner, you will achieve professional cooking results. The three support legs can be easily and quickly attached, allowing your Grill Plate to sit safely over the fire. Once you have seasoned the equipment, you can start grilling right away. Meat, fish, vegetables, a proper portion of scrambled eggs or full stir-fried dishes – with the Grill Plate you have the utmost flexibility. You can decide whether your preparation needs full or moderate flame power by positioning it either in the centre or on the outer edge. The Griddle and Fire Bowl can optimally be used for strengthening yourself and your crew on outdoor adventures or for warming up, as it can also be used as a Fire Bowl without any hassle. You can grill at will, even without the availability of a fixed fireplace, by simply stacking the Griddle and Fire Bowl on top of each other according to their size. You light the campfire in the bottom bowl and on the top plate you can barbecue your food. The Griddle and Fire Bowl, with its minimalist touch, offers you the best conditions for a successful barbecue.Technical details Material: steel Dimensions: 30 x 67.6 x 56 cm Dimensions with packaging: 6.5 x 57.5 x 58 cmWeight: 7.1 kgWeight with packaging: 7.65 kg Extension via support legs: 23 cmScope of delivery1 x Griddle and Fire Bowl 3 x support legs1 x user manual Go to User manual >>

from €79.99*

Mini Blowtorch hf1
The Petromax Mini Torch is ideal for the lighting of a Petromax lamp. It provides a convenient way to light the Petromax lamp through the use of its spirit cup (preheat cup). The blowtorch can just as well be used to light the Petromax lamp through the rapid preheater.Strong flame in a compact shape Thanks to its ergonomic shape the Mini Blowtorch is very easy to handle for the user. The manipulation is particularly safe and simple. Its compact size of 10 centimetres justifies not only its name but also makes him a perfect accessory to take anywhere. Despite its handy dimension the continuously adjustable flame can reach a temperature of ca. 1300°C (2372°F). Its blue flame shows that the lighter gas burns properly and without leaving any residue. Technical DetailsDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D) (in cm): 11 x 6.5 x 3Dimensions with packaging (approx.) (H x W x D) (in cm): 17.5 x 10 x 3.5Weight: 71 gWeight / packing: 71 gScope of delivery1 x Mini Blowtorch hf1Go to User manual >>


Petromax Atago Griddle Plate
This is why the Atago Griddle Plate is a Spanish plancha plate with different temperature zones for versatile grilling pleasure:Add a plancha plate to your Atago all-rounder so you can grill on different temperature zone3 mm thick steel plancha made in GermanyThree-arm plug-in rack for accurately positioning the Griddle PlateNatural non-stick effect and characteristic flavour due to the patina which forms and is enhanced every time you cook outdoorsEasy and safe to replenish firewood or charcoalYour Griddle Plate to enhance the Atago, the high-quality all-rounderAs a typical Spanish plancha plate, the Atago Griddle Plate is the ideal addition to your all-rounder Atago. Featuring well-thought-out details, the 3 mm thick oiled steel Griddle Plate is made in Germany and delivers great cooking results thanks to different temperature zones. Extra juicy meat specialities can sizzle away in the centre while you keep grilled vegetables or spicy prawns warm at the edge where the heat is lower, ready for serving. The patina that forms has a natural non-stick effect and improves with every use. Be sure to season your Griddle Plate carefully before using it for the first time.Once the fire is going the plate heats up very quickly to guarantee fast searing. You can keep the Atago well stoked up by simply adding wood or charcoal through the hole in the middle of the Atago Griddle Plate. Due to its flat design and the plug-in rack, it is easy to stow the Griddle Plate in your car or van, ready for use as a versatile cooking and grilling station on any forest or field excursion. The Atago Griddle Plate can thus accompany you on any adventure. Thanks to its optimal heat distribution you can cook easily – and every dish will be a delicacy.Grill, fire bowl, plancha plate and cooking place all-in-oneThanks to the handles, you can transport your Atago Griddle Plate to your personal barbecue station and simply remove the plate after cooking so that the Atago runs as a central fireplace. Thanks to the Griddle Plate being easy-care after grilling, you can quickly return to your Atago and enjoy gazing into the flames of this low smoke fireplace with secondary combustion.For the optimum grilling experience, we offer additional accessories for the Atago Griddle Plate:• The Petromax Cooking Device protects the opening in the middle and fried eggs, small sausages, etc. stay safely on the Griddle Plate due to the raised inner edge.• Other cookware can also be positioned safely on the Cooking Device.• The Petromax Insert for the Atago Griddle Plate is a mini grilling grate which imparts the intense roasting flavour of the crackling fire to all meat dishes. It is also possible to cook peppers and beef tenderloin with grill stripes and it provides a safe place to place your cookware. The Insert not only fits the Cooking Device perfectly but also the opening in the Atago Griddle Plate. Meat can sizzle around the Insert and the hotly anticipated potato wedges are kept warm ready to eat.Technical detailsGriddle PlateMaterial: steel, oiledDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 45.7 x 38.3 x 0.3 cmWeight (approx.): 2.8 kg  Plug-in rack (three pieces)Plug-in rack (three pieces)Material: steel, oiledDimensions per arm (approx.) (H x W x D): 33.5 x 7.0 x 0.2 cmWeight per arm (approx.): 170 gTotal weight (approx.): 510 gScope of delivery1 x Griddle Plate for the Atago3 x arms (plug-in)1 x user manualGo to User Manual>>


Petromax Loki2
Out and about with the tent and camping at the lake: As soon as fresh night air spreads, the Petromax Loki2 reliably heats up the tent. At the same time the tent oven is a stable stove and outdoor cooking place. Thanks to its clever design the support legs of the Loki2 can be folded and the flue parts stowed space-savingly inside the corpus. This way you can easily carry along the combination of cooking place and heater wherever you go. Heating up properly You decide how much warmth the tent oven supplies as the continuously adjustable slider in the oven door offers you full fire control. In addition, the window allows you a peak into the combustion chamber so that you notice at once when fuel needs to be added. An attached ember tray protects the tent floor from falling embers. Overall, through its half-round corpus the Petromax Loki2 efficiently radiates combustion heat into its surroundings. This way you heat up your tent in no time. Designed for on the way and well-packed The Loki2 tent oven convinces through its thought-out construction: By means of a plug system the folded-out support legs are fastened and promise a stable footing. When the three support legs are folded and the five-part flue is stowed inside the combustion chamber of the oven, the highly effective all-rounder comes down to a small packing size of 52 x 33 x 33 cm. In addition, before stowing and transportation the removable ash dish eases cleaning. With about 12 kg the Petromax Loki2 is a lightweight among tent ovens and is easily stowed in the accessory transport bag that Petromax offers. Versatile tent kitchen When camping outdoors you succeed in cooking a savoury meal with the Petromax Loki2 as effortless as at home: just heat up and place pot or pan on the 40 x 25 cm cooking area. If you do not want to miss out on the campfire feeling and like to cook over the open fire you can just remove the round cooker hob cover from the stove. For tipi, tent and co. The Petromax tent oven Loki2 is suitable for various tent types as soon as it has been supplemented with the appropriate tent kit. For that purpose, Petromax offers the respective accessories for tents, shed roofs and tipis. We recommend that you always use the Petromax Loki2 together with the Spark Arrestor, to protect your tent roof as well as the surroundings from flying sparks. Technical Details Diameter Stovepipe: 6 cm / 2.4 in Size assembled: 247 x 87 x 55 cm / 97.2 x 34.3 x 21.7 in Pack size: 52 x 33 x 33 cm / 20.5 x 13 x 13 in Material: coated steel, glass Weight: 10.5 kg / 23.1 lb. Work height: 51 cm / 20 in Scope of delivery 1 x Petromax Loki2 1 x Flue with damper 4 x Flue 1 x Ember tray 1 x Removable ash dish 1 x User manual Go to User manual >>


Petromax Cover Gas Table ge90 and Dutch Oven Table ge90
This makes the Petromax Cover the protector of your Gas or Dutch Oven Table from dust and dirt: Safe storage: protection of the Petromax Gas Table and Dutch Oven Table from dust and dirt Ventilation openings: Air circulation prevents stagnant moisture on the inside Strong hold: hook and loop fasteners for optimal fit of the Cover Flexible: can be used with or without windbreak resilient: robust and tear-resistant ripstop fabricStowed safely: the Cover provides protection for the Gas and Dutch Oven TableThe Cover is the robust protection for your Petromax Gas Table ge90 or your Dutch Oven Table fe90. After an evening at the camper with Dutch Oven goulash and hearty onion soup, the cover is ready at hand to quickly throw over after cleaning and to store the table protected. Kept from dust and dirt after the outdoor cooking experience, your table is stored under the protective cover made of tear-resistant ripstop fabric. The integrated ventilation openings prevent moisture build-up underneath the cover. Rope everything up: The hook and loop fasteners keep the Cover in the right position.Whether you have attached the windbreak or not, in both cases you simply pull the matching Cover over the table - several hook and loop fasteners ensure a strong hold. To prevent the Cover from slipping off, you can tighten the straps. If necessary, clean the protective Cover with dishwashing liquid and a damp cloth. This way, the Gas Table and Dutch Oven Table are in good hands under the black Cover with the Petromax logo and are always ready for their next barbecue adventure.Technical details Material: Ripstop nylonDimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 104 x 101 x 66 cmDimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 2 x 49 x 35.5 cmWeight, approx.: 0.872 kgWeight with packaging, approx.: 0.890 kgScope of delivery1 x Petromax Cover Gas Table ge90 & Dutch Oven Table fe90


Fire Bridge
The Petromax Fire Bridge is your versatile, stable outdoor kitchen with additional grilling function for a convivial camping experience. The extensively equipped cooking place made of coated steel makes your outdoor cooking adventure perfect: Suspended at three hooks, use cast-iron pots, kettles and cans to cook directly over the fire and on the variably adjustable grilling grate, you can roast meat, vegetables and Co. and also keep prepared dishes and beverages hot. Safe and flexible over the open fireThanks to its eyelet construction, the Fire Bridge is stable on four feet and ready-to-use in no time. The 115 cm long crossbar allows you to erect your camping kitchen over one or more fire places. Your cookware is suspended at three hooks of different length to adjust the distance to the fire and thus regulate the cooking temperature of your dishes and beverages. The grilling grate has flexible, length-adjustable chain suspension. Its framing edge safely keeps grilled food as well as pans and Co. at its place. With this professional camping kitchen, even entire campfire menus with several courses for all your camping friends are no longer a challenge.Mobile outdoor cooking The Fire Bridge should be erected on solid ground before starting the fire(s). After having cooled down, the steel frame is disassembled and packed for the next adventure in no time. Extend your Fire Bridge with the Petromax Trammel Hook kh7.Technical dataMaterial Fire Bridge: steel, powder-coatedOverall height of assembled Fire Bridge: 110 cmWeight: 16 kgLength cossbar: 115 cmLength support leg: 113 cm Maximum length of chain for grilling grate: 63.5 cmDimensions grilling grate: 39 x 39 cmLength of hooks for grilling grate: 13.5 cmLength of hooks for cookware: 20 cm, 33 cm, 43 cmMaximum load of Fire Bridge: 70 kgScope of delivery1 x Crossbar with suspension for support legs4 x support legs with eyelets2 x chains for grilling grate suspension1 x grilling grate2 x hooks for grilling grate suspension3 x hooks for cookwareGo to User manual >>


Petromax Rotating Waffle Iron
This makes the rotating Waffle Iron a practical casting mold for heart waffles in no time: Cast iron mold with hinge for heart waffles: easy filling of the rotating Waffle Iron for perfect waffles from the grill or atagoFrame for the grill: rotating Waffle Iron can be rotated 180° for perfectly cooked waffles on both sidesCast iron mold: Heat retention and characteristic tasteoptimal distance to the fire: support rack on the charcoal grate ensures baking with indirect heatheart shape or dragon brand: bake savory or sweet waffles inside and thin pancakes or batter patties on the outsideNew turn for fresh waffles – The Rotating Waffle IronThe Rotating Waffle Iron is a cast-iron form for preparation of savoury and sweet waffles in one turn. Together with the corresponding support frame you have the perfect base to position the Waffle Iron in a tilt-proof and non-slip manner. The cast-iron waffle form consists of two parts that are connected by a hinge. Guiding slots ensure for a firm position of the cast-iron form in the frame.By means of the closing mechanism the Iron is held locked together and remains safely locked during rotation: Thus, your waffle batter does not leak from the form. Due to the natural wooden handles you can easily turn over your Rotating Waffle Iron also in higher temperatures. The cast-iron notch on the side forms a stopper at the support frame. Therefore, the Iron can be rotated by 180° and stops once again at the correct spot of the frame. With the Rotating Waffle Iron preparation of fresh heart-shaped waffles will not go out of hand. At the same time, you do need not miss out on the characteristic taste of traditional cast-iron cooking.The Rotating Waffle Iron with hot double function – For true dragon fansIf a fiery dragon branding is fully to your taste, the Rotating Waffle Iron's true dragon double function is exactly right for you. Where you can bake fluffy waffles on the inside, the outside furnished with a large dragon logo allows baking of thing pancakes or flat bread with strong dragon logo imprint. A team as strong as a dragon – The Rotating Waffle Iron and the AtagoMake room please: For turning the Rotating Waffle Iron requires sufficient space. Hence, it is important to position the support frame somewhat higher in order to obtain enough downward space towards the middle. At best this equals no less than the diameter of your Waffle Iron. For your Iron to be freely movable and for smooth turning this is necessary.An ideal outdoor cooking place for using the Rotating Waffle Iron is the Atago: The support frame for the Rotating Waffle Iron fits perfectly onto the top edge. At the same time, the distance between support frame and charcoal grate is sufficient to bake waffles with indirect heat. You thus receive the best result and have enough distance for skilful turning manoeuvres.Technical dataMaterial (rotating Waffle Iron): Cast iron, stainless steel, woodMaterial (support frame): SteelDimensions, approx. (H x W x D) (rotating Waffle Iron): 4 x 21 x 51 cmDimensions, approx. (H x W x D) (support frame): 8.5 x 22 x 28 cmOverall dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 9 x 22 x 54 cmDimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 12 x 54 x 24 cmTotal weight, approx.: 3.6 kgWeight with packaging, approx.: 4 kgWaffle size (diameter): 16 cmScope of delivery1 x reversible Waffle Iron wf-tx1 x User manualGo to User manual >>


Campfire Skewer ls1 (2 pieces)
Version: with two long prongs
Bread, marshmallows, small sausages and vegetables will diversify your barbecue evenings. On the Petromax Campfire Skewer ls1, you can now roast your food easily and safely over the fire or over hot charcoal. The two prongs of the skewer are bent slightly upwards and can thus keep sausages and other type of food in place while it is being cooked. The length of the Campfire Skewer can be adjusted, ensuring that you will not have to stand too close to the hot fire while grilling your food. The practical skewer with its two long prongs is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the ridged handle made of high-quality beech wood it rests pleasantly in your hand. After use, you can clean the campfire skewer easily. The small hole in the handle’s end allows you to hang the skewer for space-saving storage.Technical dataScope of delivery


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Cooking with fire: Nothing is more original than cooking with and over an open fireplace. For this special experience in the outdoor kitchen Petromax offers a variety of fire and cooking places. Roasting on the campfire, cooking over embers or safe heating and cooking at the same time in the tent: For these purposes you are guaranteed to find the right equipment, from Cooking Tripod and Fire Bowl to the Atago, a combined grill and fireplace. Check out our options for outdoor cooking adventures and see which one is the right one for you. 

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What kinds of surfaces are suitable for a Fire Bowl?

Fire Bowls not only shed additional light, but they also provide gardens and properties with spot-on warmth. Fire Bowls should be made of a heat-resistant and durable material, such as the steel Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl “Made in Germany”. The site and surface for set up must be chosen carefully as there often is only limited space between the ground surface and Fire Bowl. It is important that the ground underneath the Fire Bowl can cope with the radiating heat. Therefore, a fireproof surface made of stone or sand, for example, is ideal for a Fire Bowl. Wooden surfaces such as patio floors or lawns are unsuitable as they can catch fire or scorch. For the Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl we offer additional screw Extensions. These provide extra ground clearance and a practical height for your fireplace.

Make sure that your Fire Bowl is tilt-proof and does not wobble on your chosen surface, as you will not be able to move it when in use. Also make sure that your Fire Bowl stands clear from bushes and shrubs. Also note that the Fire Bowl should not be positioned underneath a roof.

Burn in Fire Bowl Potatoes
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Petromax Atago Kuehlbox

Which Fire Bowl is suitable for the Dutch Oven?

A good Fire Bowl not only generates light and heat, but it also serves as a practical cooking place. At best you will cook over an open fire while camping or on holiday with no need for a permanent fireplace. Apart from the Griddle and Fire Bowl, one particular portable fireplace is very well suited for our Dutch Oven: the Petromax Atago.

Fire Bowl, Grill, Dutch Oven cooking place, pizza oven, smoker: The Petromax Atago offers you the complete range of outdoor cooking options alll in one. With glowing briquettes on the charcoal grate, you can instantly turn the Atago into a perfect cooking station for your Dutch Oven. It is also easy to fold and flexible to transport. In addition to the Dutch Oven, the Atago can be combined with any Petromax cooking equipment made of cast iron, wrought iron, enamel or stainless steel and offers a great extra with its convertibility.

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