Ideal traveling companion — the new Wrought-Iron Pan sp20

Spending time alone at a clearing in the woods with the night camp behind your back and the sunset on the horizon. The wood crackles in the flames of the Fire Kettle with the Wrought-Iron Pan sp20 on it, while you are roasting a juicy and scrumptious steak…

Just you – alone at a campfire in the woods: It couldn’t be more primal. With the small Wrought-Iron Pan sp20 you are perfectly equipped for your very own adventure.

Iron to go in a compact format

The family of iron pans is growing. The smallest model of the Wrought-Iron Pans weighs as much as a tin, and thus stowing the pan in or hanging it on the backpack is a piece of cake. A diameter of 7.9″ is the perfect size in order to prepare one portion. In combination with the Hobo stove, the Firebox and the Fire Kettle, the small dimensioned sp20 represents a full-featured and mobile outdoor kitchen — fiery outdoor adventures are guaranteed!

Pans of the sp-series

High-quality wrought iron with an excellent heat conductivity for the perfect steak outdoors or at home: Thanks to Petromax Wrought-Iron Pans everyone can have unique and delicious meals on any cooker or stove and even over an open fire. A self-sealing, protective layer forms on the unique surface structure already with the first use. This characteristic patina further develops with each use and enhances the outstanding quality of the robust pan. This makes the durable Petromax pan an indispensable companion in the kitchen — indoors as well as outdoors: Roasting, frying and braising succeeds without sticking to the pan.

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