Charcoal Tray pro-ft

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Charcoal Tray pro-ft
Whether you want to cook food in the Dutch oven lid just as in a pan or to fry meat and vegetables with the grilling grate from the pro-ft series – the multifunctional charcoal tray is ideally suitable.
It can contain ca. 14-18 commercially-available barbecue briquettes and can be transported in the ft6 (and bigger) when the handles are retracted. The charcoal tray is one out of four products from the pro-ft series, and you can combine it with the others perfectly, thus making a whole set of cooking alternatives possible.

Charcoal Tray combined with Dutch ovens
The holes in the edge turn the charcoal tray into a practical chimney starter. Let the charcoal turn to embers and put a Dutch oven down on it. Thanks to its diameter of 23.5 cm (9.5 in), the Charcoal Tray pro-ft is optimally suitable for Dutch ovens ft6 and ft9.

Charcoal Tray combined with the Dutch oven lid
If you clamp the charcoal tray to the hook of the upturned Lid Holder pro-ft, the Dutch oven lid can be used as a pan. You can regulate the heat of the pan, for the charcoal tray can be installed at different heights.

Charcoal Tray combined with the Grilling Grate pro-ft
Grilling also works perfectly: instead of the lid, you can also insert the Grilling Grate pro-ft in the lid holder and combine it with the charcoal tray. When using this alternative, you can also regulate heat as you wish by installing the charcoal tray at different heights.

Technical data
L x W x H (in cm): 23,5 x 23,5 x 3,5
L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 4 x 25 x 26
Weight (in g): 1000
Weight with packaging (in g): 1100

Scope of delivery
1 x Charcoal Tray pro-ft
Dein Zubehör

Dein Zubehör

Grilling Grate pro-ft
The grilling grate is one out of four products from the pro-ft series and can be combined with them perfectly, so that you can try out a whole set of cooking alternatives. Moreover, you can transport and keep the grilling grate in a Petromax Dutch oven from size ft6.Use with the Dutch oven Lid Holder pro-ft as a grillClamp the grilling grate in the Lid Holder pro-ft instead of a Dutch oven lid, and turn it. Then place the Charcoal Tray pro-ft under it at the desired height, and you can start grilling. Use with the Dutch oven Lid Holder pro-ft and the Charcoal Tray pro-ft as a smokerSimply install the grilling grate on the Lid Holder pro-ft the same way as for grilling, and put some smoking chips as well as some briquettes in the Charcoal Tray pro-ft. Then place the tray under it at the desired height and put a pot over it for smoking food.Use with Dutch ovens as a device for steaming or baking Insert the grilling grate in a ft6 or bigger for steaming or baking – without any contact between food and pot bottom.Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): 27 x 27 x 3,1L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 40 x 30 x 3,5Weight (in g): 600Weight with packaging (in g): 700Scope of delivery1 x Grilling Grate pro-ft