Dutch Oven ft4.5 Set for Newcomers - Dutch Oven Set 4 Litres

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Cast-Iron Stack Grate
Size: Ø 23 cm
Dutch Oven ft4.5 Set for Newcomers - Dutch Oven Set 4 Litres

Perfect for the aspiring outdoor cook, the Dutch Oven Set includes everything you need:

  • 4-piece Dutch Oven Set: ft4.5 Dutch Oven, Lid Lifter, Care Conditioner, Scraper
  • the ideal Dutch Oven for side dishes and more: Dutch Ovens for beginners
  • get started right away: pre-treated surface (Seasoned Finish)
  • cooking pleasure for a lifetime and patina preserved with Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron
  • perfect handling with suitable accessories: Lid Lifter for easy lifting of the lid and Scraper for residue-free cleaning

Your outdoor cooking adventure can start right away with the four-piece Dutch Oven Set for the aspiring outdoor chef. This set includes the ft4.5 Dutch Oven, Lid Lifter, Care Conditioner and Scraper. The pre-seasoned Dutch Oven offers you a wide range of cooking and preparation methods and the accessories ensure that you can get started with your Dutch Oven without any delay. Start your exciting campfire adventure with this set!

Unique cooking experience with the classic cast-iron pot

The original Petromax Dutch Oven ft4.5 is your go-to cast-iron pot for the traditional outdoor cooking. If you don't want to miss out on distinctive roasted flavours and the resulting characteristic taste, the Dutch Oven in the ft4.5 size from the traditional German brand is an absolute must. Whether over an open fire, on the embers, the grill or in the home kitchen - the Dutch Oven ft4.5 from Petromax is suitable for a great variety of cooking experiences in the campfire kitchen and in the oven.

Prepare chili con carne, bread or casseroles for you and your friends in your Dutch Oven which has a capacity of 3.5 litres. When cooking over the fire, you can simply turn the lid upside down into a pan and fry steaks or fish on it. Thanks to its three legs, the lid does not tip over.

Dutch Oven Set for Newcomers: immediately benefit from all the advantages of cast iron

Meals get an incomparable taste, due to the special properties of cast iron which ensure that heat is distributed efficiently allowing all ingredients to be cooked evenly. Over time, your Dutch Oven ft4.5 develops a patina, which is a protective layer that naturally prevents food from sticking to your pot and gradually reduces the amount of fat added.

Thanks to its resilient handle, the filled Dutch Oven can be easily hung over the fire on a Cooking Tripod. The flat-bottom model of the Dutch Oven ft4.5-t is suitable for all types of stoves, such as gas, electric and induction.

Included in the Dutch Oven Set: The Lid Lifter for an easy removal of the lid

With the Lid Lifter, you can effortlessly get a glimpse of your campfire dish. In addition, you can use the Petromax Lid Lifter as a poker to get your fire blazing again.

Maintain your Dutch Oven Set with Scraper and Conditioner

The Scraper for Dutch Ovens and Fire Skillets included in the Dutch Oven Set reliably removes stubborn cooking and frying residues and fits perfectly on the inner wall of the Dutch Oven.

The Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron is made from natural ingredients and preserves the pre-treated surface (Seasoned Finish), allowing you to enjoy your new Dutch Ovens for a long time. Simply applied once your Dutch Oven has cooled, it protects the valuable patina and even optimizes the cooking and frying properties of the cast-iron pot. It's food-safe, gluten-free and vegan, and you can also use it if you want to re-season your Dutch Ovens.

Your Dutch Oven Set opens up a new world of flavor and makes you a great rustic outdoor chef!

Set Components:

ft4.5 Dutch Oven,

Lid Lifter,

Care Conditioner,


Petromax Dutch Oven ft4.5 (with legs)

Technical details

Material: cast iron

Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 18.6 x 31 x 27 cm

Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 18 x 29 x 29 cm

Capacity, max.: 3.5 l

Capacity of lid, max.: 1 l

Weight, approx.: 7.1 kg

Weight with packaging, approx.: 7.35 kg


Scope of delivery

1 x Dutch Oven ft4.5 with legs

1 x user manual

Petromax Lid Lifter for Petromax Dutch Ovens ftdh

Technical details

Material: steel, painted

Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 34 x 4.2 x 10.7 cm

Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 34 x 4.2 x 10.7 cm

Weight, approx.: 275 g

Weight with packaging, approx.: 275 g

Color: black

Petromax Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron ft-pflege

Technical details

Content: 250 ml (51,96 € / 1000 ml)

Weight: 226 g

Petromax Scraper os

Technical details

Material: Polypropylene (PP), food safe

Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 1 x 13 x 8 cm

Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 1 x 15 x 15 cm

Weight, approx.: 42 g

Weight with packaging, approx.: 45 g

For the next Adventure

For the next Adventure

Cabix Plus Briquettes for Dutch oven and BBQ
Cabix Plus Briquettes for Dutch oven and BBQ
With Cabix Plus, outdoor chefs now have the perfect briquettes for Dutch Oven, Loaf Pan and Co. Thanks to the broad surface area and excellent ventilation from the ridge profile, Cabix Plus ensure a consistent top and bottom heat. The combustion of the briquettes with only little ash residues facilitates cleaning the lid after cooking and baking. Cabix Plus briquettes are made of natural resources from the coconut milk production which makes them eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan and gluten free. With a burning time of up to four hours, the charcoal is dimensionally stable and produces even embers with constantly high calorific value. Cabix Plus briquettes are reusable if you should extinguish them. Being square and stackable, they save you storage area. Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): x x L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 18 x 17,5 x 17Weight (in g): 3000Weight with packaging (in g): 3100Scope of delivery1 x Cabix Plus Briquettes for Dutch oven and BBQ


Petromax Silicone Trivet for Dutch Ovens
Petromax Silicone Trivet for Dutch Ovens
This is why the Silicone Trivet is a strong accessory for your fire pots and lidsthe non-slip trivet for all your Petromax Dutch Ovensthe base for your lids up to ft9 spacer between Dutch Ovens and lids for storage temperature resistant from -40°C to 230°C eyelet for hanging The Petromax Silicone Trivet is the non-slip base for all your Dutch Ovens and pans when you want to take a break from cooking or roasting. The lid also finds its central spot here when things get hot in the Dutch Ovens. The curved grooves already indicate the different sizes of the Dutch Oven: Thanks to the indentations, the hot lids of different sizes lie securely on the base with the characteristic dragon logo. The flexible spot in the shape of a boomerang is suitable for Dutch Oven lids up to the ft9 model.With a temperature resistance of -40°C to 230°C, the food-safe silicone is insensitive to very high and extremely low temperatures.After cooking, the Silicone Trivet acts as a spacer between the pot and lid for air circulation. The trivet can also be hung up. Should the Petromax Trivet ever become heavily soiled or greasy, it can simply be cleaned lying flat in the dishwasher.It serves as an anti-slip base when you clean your pot and treat it with the Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron. The Silicone Trivet is the base for your hot (cast) iron before, during and after playing with the fire.Technical detailsMaterial: siliconeDimensions, approx.: 32 x 32 x 0,8 cm Weight, approx.: 280 gScope of delivery1 x Silicone Trivet for Dutch Ovens 


Cast-Iron Stack Grate
Cast-Iron Stack Grate
Size: Ø 23 cm
The stack grate made of solid cast iron manages a first-class heat distribution – exactly what you need for baking, braising and steaming at several levels in the Dutch Oven. Your meat, vegetables and cakes are a success and do not burn, for the device stands on three 4.8-cm-long (1.89-inch-long) feet that manage the ideal distance from the bottom of the pot. Moreover, the stack grate fits particularly well in the Dutch ovens ft4.5 and in all bigger pots. You can use this grate immediately thanks to its seasoned finish and you don't have to season it before first use.In the pot, in the fire or as a trivetFor steaming in the Dutch Oven, put in one grate or simply pile up several grates. If the grate is directly in the embers, it quickly fries the perfect grill marks onto your piece of meat. Or you place the stack grate in the fire and use it as a surface for putting down percolators, tea kettles or Dutch Ovens without feet. You can also use it as a practical trivet for hot cookware on the table.Technical dataScope of delivery1 x Petromax Cast-Iron Stack GrateGo to User manual >>

from €24.99*

Your Accessories

Your Accessories

Transport Bag for Dutch Oven ft4.5
Transport Bag for Dutch Oven ft4.5
Size: SM
This makes the Transport Bag for Dutch Oven an excellent transport and storage option for the Petromax Dutch Oven ft4.5:Safe: Transport and storage option for the Dutch Ovens ft4.5 Strong and tear-proof: Thanks to high-quality ripstop fabric Spacious: Zipped pocket and two mesh pockets for additional storage space for accessories Hard-wearing: Additional reinforcement at the bottom and removable and wipeable insert for strong grip Take it everywhere: Sturdy handles for optimal carrying comfort The Transport Bag for the Dutch Oven ft4.5 accompanies you on every one of your outdoor cooking adventures, making it easy and comfortable to take your Dutch Oven to the campfire. The Transport Bag is also a safe place for storing the cast-iron pot, as it provides particularly good protection against dirt and bumps. You can simply stow it in your rucksack or take it out into nature by the two handles. High-quality and tear-resistant ripstop fabric  The Transport Bag combines high-quality ripstop fabric with optimum carrying comfort: The nylon makes the bag for your cast-iron pot particularly strong and tear-resistant. Double seams reinforce the carrying handles so that the bag is a pleasure to take to the fireplace and ensures the highest possible stability. This is also due to the double-reinforced bottom of the bag, where the fabric is particularly strong and also has a removable insert. If necessary, the latter can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The Transport Bag is the strong protector of your Dutch Oven.Additional equipment in the spacious lid You pack it: Additional, small items for your adventure can easily be stowed in the spacious zipped pocket as well as in the two mesh pockets, e. g. the Fire Kit or the Chain Mail Cleaner. The traditional Petromax logo is embroidered on the lid of the bag and stands for continued excellent quality making the Petromax Dutch Oven bag a reliable and solid companion for your outdoor cooking experience. Technical details  Material: NylonDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 19.5 x 30 x 30 cm Weight (approx.): 625 gWeight with packaging: 630 gScope of delivery 1 x Transport Bag ft-ta-sm

from €14.99*

Petromax Aramid Pro 300 Gloves
Petromax Aramid Pro 300 Gloves
Sturdy, resistant rough leather, lined with fireproof aramid fibres – no matter whether stirring a fire or having a barbecue: The well-thought-out material combination of the Aramid Pro 300 Gloves effectively protects hands and forearms from flames and heat.Resistant to contact heat up to 250°CThanks to the fireproof aramid synthetic fibres, the gloves offer optimal protection up to a contact heat of 250°C. Burning objects can be grasped safely when something is grilled or a fire is made, for the leather ensures an outstanding gripping power thanks to its rough surface.Petromax design for each handThe hard-wearing Aramid Pro 300 Gloves are in one size only and therefore perfect for every hand. They also keep forearms safe from flying sparks and flames thanks to long sleeves. The gloves feature the classic Petromax design, of which the dragon logo symbolizes fascination for fire, warmth and light.Technical dataScope of delivery1 x Petromax Aramid Pro 300 GlovesGo to Conformity >>


Chain Mail Cleaner XL for Cast and Wrought Iron
Chain Mail Cleaner XL for Cast and Wrought Iron
Size: 20 cm x 20 cm
After a long cooking session, the cleaning of your pots and pans can become a real challenge. Thanks to the XL version of our tried and tested chain mail cleaner you will now be even faster: Due to the large contact area of the interlocking rings made of stainless steel, this specialist cleans your cast and wrought iron effectively without damaging the valuable patina. Thus, food remedies and burned residues do not stand a chance.Clean without frillsBefore cleaning, you should let the cookware cool well. Then you let it soak briefly in warm water. After that, you can carefully remove the food residues with the Chain Mail Cleaner XL. This way the Chain Mail Cleaner is also good for the environment and for your budget. Rinse the clean pot well and before storing the cookware, carefully dry it and apply some care conditioner. To avoid corrosion, you should also dry your Chain Mail Cleaner XL.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steelDimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 20 cm x 20 cmScope of delivery1 x Chain Mail Cleaner XL

from €15.99*