Lock Bracket for Petromax Cool Box kx-lockb

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Lock Bracket for Petromax Cool Box kx-lockb
Additional security for calm nights under the open sky

With the Lock Bracket Petromax offers a useful accessory to secure your ultra passive cooling system. That way, you can protect your Cool Box from theft by permanently locking it to a tree near your camp or to the bumper of your pick-up truck.

Insert and lock down

You only need to insert the Lock Bracket made of robust 4 mm strong stainless steel from above into one of the handles of your Petromax Cool Box. As soon as you close the box you automatically fix the Lock Bracket to the spot. Thus, it cannot be removed from the outside and enables you to additionally secure your Petromax Cool Box with chain and lock. You can, therefore, rest easy if your provisions are outside your tent or if you leave for an exploration tour. Thanks to the integrated bottle opener your Lock Bracket will be a reliable tool against your thirst for adventure in case, once in a while, you do not use it for securing.

Manufactured in Germany.

Technical details

Material: stainless steel
H x W x D: 10.4 x 2.2 x 0.4 cm
Weight: 100 g