Petromax HK500 brass electro (Hanging lamp)

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Petromax HK500 brass electro (Hanging lamp)
An electric variant of the Petromax HK500 has been especially developed for indoor use as an electric hanging lamp and equipped with an E27 socket.

A new technology with the familiar look
The electric version contains all elementary components of the original, which works with kerosene. The lamp is made of brass and the glass is made of highly heat-resistant and frosted borosilicate glass.
It is therefore every bit as full of nostalgic charm as the well-known kerosene lamp.

The alternative Hanging Lamp
The electric wire of the hanging lamp is routed outside through the hood. It can thus be used as an alternative ceiling lamp or an additional hanging lamp in the interior area and is operated thanks to a light switch (switch is not included).

Cosy atmosphere
Moreover, the frosted Suprax glass provides an evocative light and a feel-good ambience at home. Furthermore, the hanging lamp exudes a modern character combined with simple naturalness.

The Petromax HK500 electro is also available as a table lamp.

Technical data
Material: brass, polished
Power output: 60 watt(s)
L x W x H (in cm): x x
L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): x x
Weight (in g): 2400
Weight with packaging (in g): 2800

Scope of delivery
1 x Petromax HK500 electric hangning lamp with connecting cable, no switch and illuminant included
1 x User manual

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Für das nächste Abenteuer

Wooden Box HK350/HK500
The wooden box with a plexiglas front is handmade. The varnished wood is light but very resistant and protects against dust or dirt. In the upper part of the box you will find a drawer that enables you to store some accessories or spares. The solid handle makes it safe to carry. The box is then certainly the most elegant way to transport, present or store your Petromax lamp.Technical dataMaterial: wood, plexiglass, steelScope of delivery1 x Wooden Box HK350/HK500


Parabolic Side Reflector HK250/HK350/HK500 Brass
The parabol side reflector directs the light of your Petromax lamp into one direction. Its curved shape ray of light that looks alike a floodlight. For the opposite direction, the parabol side reflector can be used at the same time as glare protection. The reflector can be fixed at the lamp knurled screw thanks to two holding arms. The reflector cannot be used at the same time with the Petromax top reflector. Technical dataMaterial: brass, polishedScope of delivery1 x Parabolic Side Reflector HK250/HK350/HK500 Brass


Top Reflector HK350/HK500 Gold-Plated
Colour: Brass
The reflector directs and reflects downwardly the light of your Petromax lamp.Thanks to it, you enjoy many advantages: when your lamp is installed in an elevated position, for instance thanks to the Petromax lantern hanger, the upper light does not get lost. Therefore, the lamp can light wide areas in a very efficient way. If you look your Petromax lamp from above you will not be dazzled since the reflector can also be used as visor. The Petromax top reflector is then not only a practical accessory, it gives the best-known high-pressure lantern its characteristic look. Technical dataMaterial: steel, gold-platedScope of delivery1 x Top Reflector HK350/HK500 Gold-Plated

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Dein Zubehör

Dein Zubehör

Transport Bag for HK350/HK500 and Top Reflector
The two-part bag is an ideal option to transport or store the lamp and its shade. Stability thanks to padded and reinforced bag wallThe bag is made of top quality ripstop fibre that makes it particularly resistant. To guarantee a stable and safe stand, the bag wall is padded from the inside and reinforced from the outside. The bottom of the bag is reinforced through an integrated plastic sheet.A click buckle and a Velcro strip to attach both bagsYou can attach the lampshade bag with the lamp bag thanks to a click buckle situated on the upper side. Besides a Velcro strip maintains both bags together and makes sure that the lampshade and the lamp can be safely carried. Storage space in the cover for your accessoriesA small zipper pocket on the top of the lamp bag allows you to store your accessories such as incandescent mantles or a Petromax polishing cloth. The front side of the lamp bag is embroidered with the traditional Petromax logo that usually rhymes with great quality. Therefore this bag is a perfect and very elegant accessory. Technical dataMaterial: nylonColour: blackL x W x H (in cm): x x L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): x x Weight (in g): 845Weight with packaging (in g): 845Scope of delivery1 x Transport Bag for HK350/HK500 and Top Reflector


Cleaning Polish
With the Petromax Cleaning polish your polished and chrome-plated metal surfaces will shine in new brilliance. Thanks to its special formula, dirt residues can be efficiently removed for an optimal polishing result. The cleaning polish suits to all Petromax models. Simple application and polishingApply the Cleaning polish on a soft cloth, like the Petromax Polishing Cloth for instance, and apply it by using circular motions on the polishing surfaces. After a short drying time, remove the dirt residues with the soft cloth. Composition: 15-30% aliphatic hydrocarbons, 5-15% aromatic hydrocarbons, soap (anionic surfactants)


Polishing Cloth
The Petromax polishing clothes enable you to polish your metal surfaces to a high gloss.The polishing clothes, made of particularly soft synthetic fibres, are very handy thanks to their dimensions of 30cm x 30cm. Combined with the Petromax Cleaning Polish, the polishing cloth will restore the original splendor of your Petromax lamps or other products. We recommend using one of the polishing cloth for the basic polishing procedures and the other for the final polishing. It is fully machine washable at 60°C. Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): 30 x 30 x 0,5L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 16 x 15,5 x 2,5Weight (in g): 60Weight with packaging (in g): 60Scope of delivery1 x Polishing Cloth


Glass HK350/HK500 Transparent
This clear glass for Petromax HK350/500 is made of high-temperature resistant borosilicate glass. The robust borosilicate glass from the company Schott is characterised by its excellent quality. Technical details Material: glass Diameter: 110 mm Height: 115 mm Thickness: 2.5 mm Scope of delivery 1 x Glass HK350/HK500 Transparent