Petromax Pan Rack for Fire Skillets

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Petromax Pan Rack for Fire Skillets

This makes the Petromax Pan Rack a space-saving and neat storage for cast-iron and wrought-iron pans, ready to take out when needed:

• immediate accessibility: Easy reach of Fire Skillets fp15 to fp40 (with handle), fp15h-t to fp40h-t (with two handles), and Wrought-iron Pans sp20 to sp32, for a cooking experience in one easy step
• fits perfectly: exact fit to the pan body due to curved steel bracket
• designed for convenient and tidy storage: vertical and horizontal positioning of the Fire Skillet for a tidy outdoor kitchen
• safe: the pans remain scratch-free and dry on the pan rack after cleaning
• quality product: made of robust, powder-coated steel

The Petromax Pan Rack is the space-saving storage rack for your Petromax pans. Up to 6 Fire Skillets and wrought-iron pans can be stored in the curved steel brackets. This is adapted to the pans so that they do not slip. Sorted by size, your Fire Skillets with handle, fp15 to fp40, those with two handles, fp15h-t to fp40h-t, the Wrought-iron Pans, sp20 to sp32, as well as the Grill Pans with handle, gp30 and gp35, and with two handles, gp30h-t and gp35h-t, find their place perfectly. In your campfire kitchen, you can place the Pan Rack vertically and horizontally, keeping your pans within easy reach. The Pan Rack with the iconic logo and lettering of the Dragon brand keeps the pans scratch-free and allows them to dry thoroughly after cleaning.

The Pan Rack allows you to safely store your pans in the campfire kitchen, campervan, or caravan. Even if you carry the rack to another place, the pans will stay securely in place. The robust rack made of powder-coated steel serves you during your long outdoor cooking adventures to set down, dry and store your pans for longer. Thanks to the high-quality surface in proven Petromax quality, you can clean the shelf quickly and easily with a damp cloth and a little dishwashing liquid.

The Petromax Pan Rack allows you to organize your (outdoor) kitchen, in the forest, by the water or wherever your adventure takes you.

Technical details
Material: steel, powder-coated
Dimensions standing, approx.: 49.2 x 33.5 x 36.5 cm
Total weight, approx.: 2.4 kg

Scope of delivery

1 x Petromax Pan Rack for Fire Skillet

For the next Adventure

For the next Adventure

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