Petromax Sticker round shape

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Petromax Sticker round shape
The dragon logo of the traditional brand Petromax is printed on the round sticker. The permanent adhesive surface of the PVC film is water and light resistant and can thus be fixed easily outdoors, e.g. on cars, windows or your equipment box. The motif is of a high-grade gloss print resistant to UV, so that the resistant dragon sticker lasts for a long time.

Tips for sticker attachment:

Step 1: Prepare the respective surface
Clean and degrease the surface with glass cleaner or methylated spirit.

Step 2: Remove the backing paper of the sticker
Turn the décor and remove the backing paper.

Step 3: Apply décor
Place the sticker carefully on the respective surface.

Tip: Slightly damp the surface.

Due to the moisture the sticker does not stick immediately. You can even remove the sticker and realign it.

Technical Data:
Diameter: 2.7 in