Pump HK150/HK250/HK350/HK500 Chrome

Available, delivery time: 2-4 days

Pump HK150/HK250/HK350/HK500 Chrome
This complete pump is suited to the Petromax models HK150/250/350/500. The colour of the pump cover is chrome and therefore fits the chrome-coloured Petromax high-powered lamp harmoniously. The pump knob is available in blue or black. The black knob does not bear the inscription Petromax. The Petromax pure Vaseline for technical purposes (#vas) is perfectly suited to an optimal care of the included leather system.

Technical data
Material (Pump knob): plastic
Material (Carburettor): leather
Material (Piston Rod): brass, nickel- and chrome-plated

Scope of delivery
1 x Pump HK150/HK250/HK350/HK500 Chrome
Part groups: Lower Part