Reflector Oven

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Reflector Oven

Cooking and baking food in the foldable oven without any wait. Ideal for traveling.

Product features

  • Cooking area next to the fire: cooking with indirect heat while another dish is sizzling in or above the fire simultaneously 
  • Reflection: the heat of the fire is reflected and warms Dutch Oven lids up to size ft4.5, meals in the ft4.5 lid, Wrought-iron Pans or other cookware
  • Oven for the campfire: top and lateral heat in the Reflector Oven, bottom heat thanks to rack
  • quickly assembled, easy to store thanks to small pack size
  • can be ideally combined with the Fire Trough or the Atago 

Cooking next to the fire with Dutch Ovens and Co.

In the foldable Reflector Oven, you can prepare bread, cookies, rolls, fish, meat and poultry thanks to indirect heat and the intelligent reflection of warmth. At the same time, you can cook other dishes over and in the fire, e.g. in the Dutch Oven. 

The foldable oven combining tradition with a modern design for optimal baking results 

As early as the 18th century, reflector ovens were an integral part of American households and were used on a daily basis. Their features impressed everybody: By placing the oven at a certain distance from the fireplace, it harnessed the heat of the crackling fire, reflecting it and storing it inside. So, unlike the Dutch Oven, the cook was not forced to wait for the fire to burn down, but could start baking and cooking as soon as the fire was lit. 

Just like in a regular oven, the food is cooked thoroughly on all sides, the only difference being that here you can see at any time how far through the dish is baked or cooked. Whether in the Dutch Oven lid or in the frying pan, you can rotate the cookware according to the fire so that more or less heat reaches the dish. When you prepare campfire dishes in today's version of the Petromax Reflector Oven, special materials are used: heat- and fire-resistant fibers with reflective coating. 

Much lighter than its predecessors, the Petromax Reflector Oven stands out for its quick assembly. Rods give dimensional stability, so that you can safely place Petromax Dutch Oven lids up to the size ft 4.5, used as a pan, and Wrought-iron pans or other cookware in it. A rack that sits on the bottom of the oven ensures that the Dutch Oven lid gets extra heat from below. 

Along the American rivers, this made it easy to catch a fish which could be fried in its own juices, and obtained a soft golden-brown colour from the fire. By adding olive oil and constantly renewing the frying juices, anglers even today prepare fish dishes in this way without drying the fish out. 

Simultaneously prepare dishes in and over the fire in the Dutch Oven and bake cookies in the Reflector Oven

Back then as well as today, you can bake cookies, rolls and cakes, rabbit and poultry as well as gratin dishes in the versatile oven. Simply place the Reflector Oven next to the crackling fire while preparing food over and in the fire, and cookies are meanwhile in the Reflector Oven, baking to a crispy brown. The coziness of the fire combines with the practicality of the past, which finds a modern direction with the new Petromax Reflector Oven. It is the lightweight, quickly assembled and versatile oven in the Petromax Fire Trough or stacked on the same level with the Atago.

Technical data

Material: heat and fire resistant fibers with reflective coating; stainless steel

Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D) [built up]: 30 x 42 x 30 cm

Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 2.5 x 30 x 33 cm

Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 2.5 x 37 x 42 cm

Weight, approx.: 350 g

Weight with packaging, approx.: 400 g

Scope of delivery

1 x hood

2 x rods

3 x plug-in grate plates

Only use with gloves.