Roast Fillet of Wild Boar 🥩| The Petromax Recipe

45 min
4 People
Griddle & Fire Bowl

True gourmets know that fillet of wild boar is something rather special. It might be slightly more difficult to get than other kinds of meat but it is worth the effort to look for. In our recipe we share with you how your wild boar's fillet will become especially juicy. On the Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl your treat will be perfect when prepared at home over the open fire.


  • 500 g fillet of wild boar
  • 90 g Parma ham
  • 250 g mushrooms
  • 125 g Gouda cheese (grated)
  • 125 g bacon
  • 190 g dates
  • 125 g bacon slices (thin)
  • 5 branches thyme (fresh)
  • salt & pepper (ground)
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 onion (medium-sized)


1. Clean the mushrooms, remove the stems carefully and chop them finely. Dice the bacon and stuff mushroom heads with bacon, chopped stems and grated cheese.

2. Wrap each date into a bacon slice and pepper slightly.

3. Heat up oil on the Griddle and Fire Bowl and roast mushrooms and dates from both sides. Place in the edge zone to keep warm.

4. Season the wild boar’s fillet with thyme, pepper and salt and wrap in Parma ham. Roast well on the Griddle Bowl and just before the meat is done, roast the sliced onions next to it until translucent.

5. Cut the fillet into thick slices and serve with the stuffed mushrooms, the dates and the onions.


Duration: 45 minutes
Number of persons: 4 People
Preparation time: 20
Cooking time: 25
Level of difficulty: Medium