Rocket Stove Griddle Plate

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Rocket Stove Griddle Plate
  • extension of the Rocket Stove by a plancha plate: grilling hearty steaks, potato wedges, grilled vegetables and co.
  • versatile use of the Rocket Stove: enables the use of pans and Dutch Ovens, even those with legs
  • better air circulation: chimney effect, optimal heat distribution
  • safe cooking: cooking support for the secure positioning of cookware or the Griddle Plate
  • easy to transport: space-saving transportation thanks to plug-in parts

The Griddle Plate is your perfect accessory for the powerful Rocket Stove. The high-quality Griddle Plate is Made in Germany. It allows you a versatile use: you can cook juicy meat, fish and vegetable variations on the precisely fitting plate. Thanks to the Rocket Stove chimney effect, the plate heats up quickly; the cooking support promotes air circulation for a uniform heat distribution. By seasoning the plate, you create a natural non-stick effect and get delicious roasted flavors. A definite Must-have for culinary adventures!

Numerous combinations with the cooking support
Starting your next adventure hungry? Absolutely not! With our Rocket Stove, barbecuing comes with ease. Compact and light to carry with you wherever you go, the Rocket Stove is now even more versatile and it harmonizes perfectly with Petromax cookware. Dutch Ovens with legs, Percolators and even the fs38 Griddle and Fire Bowl can be easily placed on the cooking support - so there are no limits to your cooking adventures. Whether it's a hearty skillet meal, Dutch Oven delicacies, or freshly brewed coffee in a Percolator, the flexible cooking support expands the possibilities of your Rocket Stove.

Easy to refill with fuel
While cooking, you can easily add fuel, such as twigs or pine cones, to the Rocket Stove thanks to the front combustion chamber door and fuel support. Your Griddle Plate and cooking support can remain on the Rocket Stove. After grilling, simply clean the cooled Griddle Plate with some kitchen paper or a Chain Mail Cleaner and hot water. After the unforgettable barbecue adventure, it's time to pack up and get ready for the next adventure.

Ready for any adventure: bags for comfortable transportation
In just a few minutes, you can assemble or disassemble the cooking support and it fits perfectly in the Fire Skillet Transport Bag (ta-fp25). The Rocket Stove fits into the Transport Bag rf33 (ta-rf33) with enough space for fuel such as the Mini or Professional Blowtorches, firewood and pine cones. The bag protects the Griddle Plate from corrosion and contains everything you need for grilling.

The Rocket Stove Griddle Plate is your versatile plancha plate, giving you even more options for cooking and grilling when you're out and about.

Technical details
Material: steel, oiled
Griddle Plate diameter, approx.: 27,5 cm
Griddle Plate thickness, approx.: 0.6 cm
Dimensions, approx.: (H x W x D) (assembled): 13.6 x 42.2 x 42.2 cm
Dimensions per carrier, approx. (H x W x D): 0.2 x 42.2 x 13.6 cm
Dimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 3 x 35 x 36 cm
Weight Griddle Plate, approx.: 2,5 kg
Weight per carrier, approx.: 329 g
Total weight, approx.: 3.4 kg
Weight with packaging, approx.: 3.7 kg


Scope of delivery
1 x Rocket Stove Griddle Plate
2 x carriers to plug together for the cooking support
1 x user manual

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