Mixing Tube, Mixing Chamber, Clay Burner HK350/500 (33+34+3)

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Set of Mixing Tube, Mixing Chamber, Clay Burner HK350/500

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Set of Mixing Tube, Mixing Chamber, Clay Burner for HK350/500

Mixing Tube: The U-shaped tube made of brass is installed in the Inner Casing. In the Mixing Tube, the fuel and the air sucked from outside are mixed. Through the Mixing Chamber connected to the tube, the air-fuel mixture finally reaches the Burner.

Mixing Chamber: The Mixing Chamber made of brass is the connection piece between the Mixing Tube and the burner. With one opening, it is screwed onto the bottom of the Mixing Tube; the burner is attached onto the other opening. 

Clay Burner: The clay burner for the Petromax HK350 and HK500.


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  1. Robert

    I have an Aida Express 1500 lantern and this was exactly what I needed to replace the stock one that was installed. I bought my lantern at an antique store and saw the original J tube had a hole, which apparently jetted out kerosene and partly melted the top of the lantern. This is a high quality brass replacement and clay burner set. Along with the spare parts set, I’ve restored this lantern to service. Thank you Petromax!

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