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Sitting around a campfire with your family and roasting stick bread – Fireplaces evoke childhood memories. Also, evenings with friends are likely to be accompanied by the crackling of blazing flames.

A fireplace offers many possibilities. Naturally, fireplaces are often used for barbecuing and cooking. Here you will find an overview of the different types of fireplaces, what you need to consider when it comes to buying one and how you can easily build your own perfect fireplace.

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What is a fireplace?

A fireplace refers to a permanent place for an open fire. This usually involves removing soil from the ground. The resulting hole is demarcated with fireproof materials to contain the fire and prevent root fires. That way your campfire pit, which is also popular as a cooking area, becomes a gathering point and keeps the fire in place. For those who like matters a little more flexible, a portable Fire Bowl is a good alternative.

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How do I build a fireplace?

A fireplace is the main attraction of any adventure and a real asset, especially on cooler autumn or spring evenings. You can build a proper fireplace yourself with just a few materials. Here are some short instructions on how to build a fireplace and what you should consider.

1. The plan:

Decide how wide you want your fireplace to be. Consider the diameter if you want to place a Cooking Tripod or Fire Bridge over it.

Collect stones for the inner border of your fireplace. Make sure that the stones are suitable for direct contact with fire. Bricks, fireclay bricks and Dutch clinker bricks are examples of suitable stones.

Check whether you have enough stones to surround the fireplace without gaps. Adjust the size of your fireplace if necessary.

2. Enough with planning:

For a classic fireplace, remove the turf in the desired radius. The depth will depend on the size of your stones. They should be flush with the ground. Also remove some soil around your hole.

3. Stone against stone:

Place your fireproof stones next to each other, preferably on their sides, and align them around the edge of the hole using a rubber mallet or piece of wood.

4. Finish:

For the area around the fireplace you can also use stones that have a lower heat resistance, such as basalt or porphyry, as these stones are not directly exposed to the fire. And that's how you complete your fireplace.

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What types of fireplaces are there?

The purpose determines the flame: A crackling fire can warm, serve as a cooking area or be used as a signal. What really matters for the intended purpose is how the fireplace is built. Whether for the small bushcraft cooking place or the large campfire gathering, these four ways of building a wood fire are efficient and easy to replicate and remember.

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Type of Fireplace

Purpose of Fireplace

How it´s done


Warming campfire

Prepare a tinder nest in the middle, arrange thin branches in a pyramid shape over it and pile firewood around it (leaving an opening for a kindling hole).

Log cabin fire

Long-lasting fire for cooking or grilling

Stack straight logs in a square tapering towards the top. Proceed by staggering two logs at a time. Prepare the kindling with twigs and branches in the uppermost layers. This way the fire will burn from top to bottom. Especially suitable for a fire in the Atago or in the Griddle and Fire Bowl.

Star fire

An efficient and easy to control fireplace

Arrange medium-size branches and logs in a star shape. The ends of the large pieces of wood should be pushed further into the centre as needed. This is how you build an optimal cooking fire for the Fire BridgeFire Anchor or Cooking Tripod.

Parallel fire

Simple cooking place with little material

Place two large branches parallel in the direction of the wind. The branches will serve as support for your cooking utensils. The fire is then built between the branches using twigs and small branches as fuel. Two additional branches can be used along the other sides to enclose the fire. This cooking area is ideal for bushcraft and survival situations or when you want to use a Dutch Oven directly over an open fire.

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Of course, there are many more types of fireplaces, however, many of them require a lot more time to set up. Fire Bowls are often suitable for travel adventures, as they can be positioned flexibly.

Find out more about Fire Bowls here.

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Petromax Atago
Extremely robust and with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Petromax Atago is an unrivalled all-in-one tool that can be used as a conventional barbecue, a stove, an oven, and a fire pit with charcoal briquettes or firewood. With its 4 basic functions, numerous preparation procedures and cooking methods are possible.The Petromax Atago can be used in combination with a Dutch oven or a wok. Because the wok or the Dutch oven placed on top of the Atago is completely surrounded by stainless steel, the heat yield is very high. Furthermore, the Petromax Atago comes with a grilling grate, which serves to transform it in a conventional barbecue. Without the grilling grate, the Atago serves as a fire pit or as a coffee maker in combination with the Petromax Percolator “Perkomax.”The Atago can be expanded to a convection oven: With the help of the additionally available convection dome you can prepare pizza. Thanks to its unique extension-retraction mechanism, the Petromax Atago is ready for use in a blink of an eye. When folded, it has a height of only 14 cm.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steelHeight (extended): 28 cmFuel: charcoal, briquettes, firewoodHeight (retracted): 14 cmScope of delivery1 x Petromax Atago1 x User Manual (German/English/French)Go to User manual >>


Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl
Size: Ø 48 cm
Why the Griddle and Fire Bowl is the ideal basic equipment for your cooking adventures:Griddle Plate and Fire Bowl in one productMade in Germany from sturdy and resistant steelNatural non-stick effect thanks to patina that occurs from seasoningStackable and therefore versatileMinimal size due to unscrewable support legs (without tools)The Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl is the ideal foundation for intense barbecue adventures. Even as a beginner, you will achieve professional cooking results. The three support legs can be easily and quickly attached, allowing your Grill Plate to sit safely over the fire. Once you have seasoned the equipment, you can start grilling right away. Meat, fish, vegetables, a proper portion of scrambled eggs or full stir-fried dishes – with the Grill Plate you have the utmost flexibility. You can decide whether your preparation needs full or moderate flame power by positioning it either in the centre or on the outer edge. The Griddle and Fire Bowl can optimally be used for strengthening yourself and your crew on outdoor adventures or for warming up, as it can also be used as a Fire Bowl without any hassle. You can grill at will, even without the availability of a fixed fireplace, by simply stacking the Griddle and Fire Bowl on top of each other according to their size. You light the campfire in the bottom bowl and on the top plate you can barbecue your food. The Griddle and Fire Bowl, with its minimalist touch, offers you the best conditions for a successful barbecue.Technical details Material: steel Dimensions: 29.3 x 59.6 x 48 cm Dimensions with packaging: 5.5 x 49 x50 cmWeight: 5.5 kgWeight with packaging: 5.9 kg Extension via support legs: 23 cmScope of delivery1 x Griddle and Fire Bowl 3 x support legs1 x user manual Go to User manual >>

from €79.99*

Pocket Stove fb2
Size: large
The design of the Petromax Pocket Stove ensures a safe and protected fireplace, which is steady and leaves no burnt patches behind.Resistance of the materialThe precise cuts in the material serve as expansion joints and supply the fire with enough fresh air. They ensure that the Pocket Stove does not become permanently distorted even at very high temperatures. Easy to useThe Pocket Stove can be assembled in just a few steps and took apart just as easily after each use. The parts made of stainless steel can then be cleaned problem-free and packed in the practical pouch made of water-repellent ripstop fabric. Moreover, practical accessories, e.g. the optional Oven Brackets or Legs for Pocket Stove, can be packed along with the Petromax Pocket Stove to save space. Grilling, cooking and making coffee on the wayThe Pocket Stove can be completed with other Petromax products, e.g. the Petromax Tea and Coffee Percolator “Perkomax” or the Petromax Dutch Oven and be used in many different ways. Even Baking is possible, for the fire tray can be lifted up two levels with the optional Oven Brackets, so that baking is made possible between the ground of the Pocket Stove and the fire tray.Eco-friendly and sturdyThe Petromax Pocket Stove is easy to assemble and to take apart, and accessories can easily be packed along with it. Moreover, it is robust and does not become distorted despite high temperatures. Finally, it is an eco-friendly and safe variant of the traditional campfire, for the fire burns exclusively in a separate fire tray and leaves thus no burnt patch behind.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steelMaterial (Bag): nylonL x W x H (assembled): 32 x 20 x 18 cm L x W x H w/ packaging: 32 x 20 7 cmWeight (in g): 2900Weight with packaging (in g): 3100Scope of delivery1 x Pocket Stove fb21 x Transport Bag for Pocket Stove fb21 x User Manual Go to User manual >>

from €129.99*

Hobo Stove bk1
This compact and efficient hobo stove is reliable: it supports pots of every size and weight and is assembled in just a few steps. Made of resistant stainless steel, it is exactly what is needed for adventurers, campers and bushcraft fans.Economical, efficient and adaptableThe ingenious design of the Petromax bk1 creates a stack effect which burns branches and twigs economically, yet at an extremely high temperature. Depending at what height the grate is installed, the fuel to be used is not the same: If the grate of the bk1 is at the bottom, brushwood, branches or small twigs, that can easily be provided through the large opening, are suitable. In the upper position, the hobo stove works with a dry fuel tablet or a spirit burner.Easy to assemble on the wayThe Petromax bk1 is easy to assemble thanks to a simple push-together system. The separate parts can thus be packed optimally in the flat and robust transport pouch made of ripstop fabrics without clattering. With a weight of only 590 g, pouch included, and its small packing size, the Petromax bk1 hobo stove fits in every backpack.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steelWeight (w/o pouch): 0,37 kgWeight (w/ pouch): 0,59 kgMaterial thickness: 0,08 cmL x W x H (in cm): 11.7 x 14 x 12.5L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 17 x 22 x 4Weight (in g): 590Weight with packaging (in g): 650Scope of delivery1 x Hobo Stove bk11 x User ManualGo to User manual >>


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Fireplaces Atago Wood

What do I have to consider with a fireplace?

If you want to add a fireplace to your garden or property, remember that in addition to forest fire warning levels there are legal requirements that govern fire-making.

Therefore, be sure to find out beforehand what kind of fire you are permitted to make in your region. In most regions it is allowed to light a small fire with a diameter of less than one metre. 

To be on the safe side, check with the relevant authorities, such as the public order office, forestry office or environmental office.

Regardless of this, it is important to ensure at all times that there the open fire does not present a risk.

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This is what you should consider when running a fireplace:

  • Keep sufficient distance from buildings, combustible materials and neighbours.

  • Enclose the fireplace so that the fire cannot spread unrestricted.

  • Do not light a fire in strong winds or in very dry conditions.

  • Do not use fire accelerant on the fireplace.

  • Do not leave the fire unattended.

  • Have extinguishing materials such as sand or water ready.

  • Keep smoke formation as low as possible.

Fireplaces grills aramid fire bowl
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Is a Fire Bowl allowed in the garden?

A Fire Bowl is a good alternative to an open fireplace.

1. The Fire Bowl keeps the fire in a small and controllable area.

2. There is no contact with the ground, so nature remains untouched by the fireplace.

However, this does not automatically mean that lighting a Fire Bowl is allowed in every garden. Often, forest fire levels or smoke that might disturb neighbours play an important role in whether it is permitted.

The region in which you live also matters, because although there are nationwide forest fire levels, it is up to the respective region to establish the rules that apply at the different levels. It is, therefore, advisable to check with local authorities what rules apply to the use of Fire Bowls gardens.

Learn more about how large your Fire Bowl should be here.

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Where can I use a Fire Bowl?

Fire fascinates and wherever there is a Fire Bowl with blazing flames, people gather around it. Whether on campsites, in the garden or public barbecue areas, the design of a Fire Bowl is ideal for these environments.

However, there are official regulations that govern where you can use a Fire Bowl. So be sure to check with local authorities and follow the guidelines at barbecue and camping sites to ensure your Fire Bowl can be used legally.

Find out here which Fire Bowl is the right one for you.

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Accessories for your fireplace

Petromax Fire Blow Pipe
Condensed fire power in convenient lengthThe Petromax Fire Blow Pipe allows you to spark embers or fireplaces exactly where you need them. The classic Bouffadou consists of sturdy stainless-steel. Thanks to the telescopic function, it can be extended to a maximum operating length of 38.6 in. With a packing size of 23.6 in you can transport the Petromax Fire Blow Pipe well inside your backpack after your adventure. The special stainless-steel nozzle ensures you a pinpoint and breath-saving blowing of your fireplace during use. Strong as a dragon and functionalThe Petromax Fire Blow Pipe is equipped with a handle and a mouthpiece made of natural beech wood. Furthermore, it has been branded with the dragon logo of the German traditional brand and thus possesses a strong look. The Fire Blow Pipe has a good and secure touch. Thanks to the telescopic function, you avoid burns during blowing of the fire as well as inhalation of smoke.Technical DataTransport length: 23.6 inOperating length (max.): 38.6 inMaterial: stainless-steel, beechwood Technical dataMaterial: stainless steel, beech wood: 60 cmScope of delivery


Fire Kit
Starting a fire the easy way: Simply join together the six small pieces of wood with the cardboard, then place the cone in the middle of a prepared amount of firewood or among charcoal or barbecue briquettes, and light the kit with the matches included. You can light a fire quickly on the way just as well as at home in your chimney or barbecue, for the fire kit is packed in an outstandingly compact way. It stands out thanks to its simple use and its eco-friendliness.Technical dataL x W x H (in cm): 7,5 x 7,5 x 8,5L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 9 x 8 x 2Weight (in g): 50Weight with packaging (in g): 50Scope of delivery1 x Fire KitSafety matches contain oxidant (KClO3) and fuel and are usually ignited using the enclosed friction surface. However, in case of excessive friction on a smooth thermally non-conductive surface, the matches may also ignite. The matches are flammable. This may lead to burns or uncontrolled, life-threatening fire.Germany. Petromax GmbH. Sudenburger Wuhne 61. 39116 Magdeburg. Phone. +49-391-55684600. Average nominal content: 5 Safety Matches Keep away from children.


BBQ and Coal Tongs (large)
Version: long 54 cm
The Petromax BBQ and coal tongs are your indispensable utensil for grilling and cooking outdoors. Cooking safely on the hot grillThe high-quality tongs made of brushed, stainless steel fit well in your hand thanks to their fine handle. Thanks to the curved tongs head, you can easily grasp and place food, coal and briquettes as desired. The right BBQ and coal tongs are always at hand for cooking well and safely on the hot grill.Clever storage The practical locking mechanism enables you to save space when storing your tongs. Thanks to the additional eyelet, you can also hang them in the cupboard or on a hook. Two sizesPetromax offers you the big BBQ and coal tongs with a length of 54 cm as well as a smaller model with a length of 41 cm.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steelMaterial (Handles): woodScope of delivery1 x BBQ and Coal Tongs (large)

from €19.99*

Professional Blowtorch hf2
The blowtorch is an ideal tool for an easy lighting of a Petromax lamp. It provides a convenient way to light the Petromax lamp through the use of its spirit cup (preheat cup). The blowtorch can just as well be used to light the Petromax lamp through the rapid preheater. A powerful and all-around flameThe blowtorch produces a flame with a maximum temperature of 1300 °C (2372 °F) and can be continuously adjusted through the gas and air supply. Thanks to the setting of the gas supply you can regulate the flame size. Depending on the tuning of the adjusting screw the flame becomes either softer or more intensive. The continuous operation switch enables a safe and comfortable handling. Thanks to its various options the Petromax hf2 is a very useful and versatile tool. Safe use for cooking, your hobbies or as DIY toolThanks to its high temperature the Petromax blowtorch can be used in your kitchen. The blue tip of the flame is ideal for the preparation of Crème brûlée. For your hobbies or your DIY activities, the blowtorch is well suited for soldering or brazing but also to melt lead, gold or silver. Its removable base makes it particularly manoeuvrable. A child safety lock (below the trigger) guarantees a safe handling. Eco-friendly and sustainable thanks to its refillable tankThe blowtorch tank has a capacity of 64 ml lighter gas so it can run 60-70 minutes. The blowtorch is supplied empty.The tool has been tested and approved by German safety standards (TÜV/GS).Technical dataColour: blackTank capacity: 0,064 litre(s)Scope of delivery1 x Professional Blowtorch hf2 Go to User manual >>


Campfire Skewer ls2 (2 pieces)
Version: with two bent prongs
The Campfire Skewer ls2 will ensure variety in your next barbecue evening. Whether it is sausages, vegetables or marshmallows – your food will definitely be kept in place on the skewer due to the practical, completely bent prongs. Children in particular can hold their own titbits over the fire, without anything falling down. The length of the skewer is adjustable. Thus an appropriate distance to the hot fire is always ensured. The Campfire Skewer ls2 with two bent prongs is made of stainless steel with a high-quality beech wood handle. Thanks to its ridges, the handle rests securely in the hand. The campfire skewer is easy to clean, and the small hole in the handle’s end allows you to store the campfire skewer in a space-saving way once the barbecue evening is over.Technical dataMaterial: stainless steel, beech woodLength maximum extended: Scope of delivery2 x Campfire Skewers ls2


Campfire Skewer ls1 (2 pieces)
Version: with two long prongs
Bread, marshmallows, small sausages and vegetables will diversify your barbecue evenings. On the Petromax Campfire Skewer ls1, you can now roast your food easily and safely over the fire or over hot charcoal. The two prongs of the skewer are bent slightly upwards and can thus keep sausages and other type of food in place while it is being cooked. The length of the Campfire Skewer can be adjusted, ensuring that you will not have to stand too close to the hot fire while grilling your food. The practical skewer with its two long prongs is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the ridged handle made of high-quality beech wood it rests pleasantly in your hand. After use, you can clean the campfire skewer easily. The small hole in the handle’s end allows you to hang the skewer for space-saving storage.Technical dataScope of delivery


Cast-Iron Stack Grate gr-s30
Size: Ø 30 cm
The large Stack Grate made of cast iron not only expands the Petromax portfolio but also provides for a great open air cooking experience: The large Stack Grate made of cast iron for the Dutch Oven from size ft12 allows you to prepare the dish, without coming in contact with the stock. Thanks to its ideal material properties of cast iron and the three feet, the large Stack Grate can be used to grill directly in the ember or to smoke in the Dutch Oven. The cleverly placed indentions on the top provide for safe stacking with grates of the same size or the small Stack Grate gr-s. Technical dataScope of delivery1 x Petromax Cast-Iron Stack Grate gr-s30Go to User manual >>

from €24.99*

Hanging Grate for Cooking Tripod
Mobile swivel grill and cowboy cooking place all in one The Hanging Grate for the Petromax Cooking Tripod widens your outdoor kitchen by an original grilling experience at the campfire. The chromium-plated steel grate is suspended in no time on the hooks of your Cooking Tripod by means of the three stable chains and is ready for use instantly. You can comfortably adjust the distance to your cooking place via the length of the Tripod chains. Due to the natural swinging movement your strengthening meal is only exposed to the blazing flames in intervals and therefore, cooks gently. Large grilling grate provides space for fiery taste Steaks, filets and even vegetables absorb the intensive wood fire flavour and get the typical grill pattern due to the grated structure, thereby remaining especially juicy. At the same time the all-round raised edge keeps the food well in place. That way you can impart some extra swing to your grilling area and start to enjoy the pleasure of swivel grilling. With a surface diameter of 50 cm you have enough space for fiery meat dishes which will satisfy several empty stomachs. Get a taste of original grilling over the fire with the Petromax Hanging Grate.     Technical Details Material Hanging Grate: steel (chromium-plated) Material chains: steel (zinc-plated) Diameter grate: 50 cm Height edge: 2.7 cm Weight (overall): 2.3 kg Length (overall): 37 cm


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