Frequently Asked Questions

The questions that Petromax receives each day show the great, constant interest in our company, the brand and the products. We gathered the most frequently asked questions to establish the following list and supplied some helpful answers.

Are Petromax products also independently tested?

The cast iron used for our products such as Dutch Ovens, Skillets, Loaf Pans and other cast-iron items is regularly checked for food safety by an independent institute. All other products intended to come into contact with food are also regularly tested.

Where can I buy Petromax products, accessories or spare parts?

Please contact a retailer whom you trust. You can find a retailer in your vicinity within our worldwide network of retailers. Many of our partners also sell our products online: you can find them with the same search engine. Or you can order directly in our Petromax online shop.

How can I use my Petromax products properly?

Ideally you have carefully read the user manual and/or the instructions on the packaging of your Petromax product. In the user manual and/or on the packaging, you can find tips and tricks on how to use the product properly.

The user manual is lost? In our support section, you will find all user manuals as PDF files that you can download. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I properly care for my Petromax products?

For us, a product is good only when it is durable and resistant. Nonetheless, you will enjoy your product for a longer time if you care for it and use it properly – as described in the user manual.

Moreover, we offer various accessories that make it even easier for you to clean and care for your product properly. Just have a look at our Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron for example.

Can I send in my Petromax lamp or other products for repair?

We offer you a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase. If you cannot use your product properly due to a defect in material or workmanshipg, you are entitled to a warranty repair. For that purpose, please contact the dealer who sold the product to you. The warranty does not cover improper use or misuse of our products and and is invalidated in these cases. After expiration of this period we do not offer any repair.

Can you sell one of my old Petromax lamps or other products?

No, we do not purchase second-hand products. Furthermore, we sell new goods only.

How can I become a retailer for you?

Get all information here: Become a retailer.

How can I get support and sponsoring from Petromax as a blogger, video blogger or event organizer?

Every month we receive numerous requests for the sponsoring of events, bloggers and video bloggers. We would like to support each project but we simply cannot, and we thus must decline many requests. Nevertheless, if you are convinced that Petromax is the right sponsor for you, feel free to contact us. We regularly look through the sponsoring requests and we are looking forward to inspiring, exciting, bold and ground breaking adventures and people.

Important for us:

  • What is your project and how are you going to make it happen? What can you already show us?
  • How will the project be documented and published? (Blogs, magazines, social media, etc.)
  • How can we help you with your project? Which products are you interested in and why?