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Sandwich Iron
Version: with long bar
The sandwich iron is perfectly suitable for delicious toasts, bagels or dumplings. Whether as a snack at the campfire or as a great addition to your BBQ menu: sandwiches will now be toasted in the cast-iron moulds in the embers of the campfire or on the barbecue. The toasted bread is crusty and the stuffing deliciously juicy, for the toast pans of the sandwich iron store heat perfectly.Stuffed sandwiches and much moreThe pans, which can be separated thanks to a hinge, are ideal for toasts of 11 x 11 cm. But other treats will be a success as well, for a practical locking hook keeps the toast pans together, so that nothing falls down. From sweet to savoury, much can be tried out in the sandwich iron, for even the stored residual heat can be used for baking gently.With comfortable wooden handlesThe wooden handles fit comfortably in the hand, and the long rod ensures enough distance from the source of heat. The cast iron can be used immediately, for it is provided with what is called a seasoned finish. For cleaning, you simply separate the cast-iron halves thanks to the hinge. By the way, when cleaning, you enjoy the amazing properties of cast iron, for it has a natural anti-adhesive effect. Technical dataMaterial (Handles): woodMaterial (Form): cast ironMaterial (Stab): stainless steelScope of delivery1 x Petromax Sandwich Iron Go to User manual >>


Waffle Iron
Version: with long bar
Whether on the barbecue or the campfire, each waffle will be a hit. The waffle iron enlarges your outdoor cuisine with another great dessert: fill with waffle dough, turn once if necessary, and the delicious pastry is already ready to be eaten. A perfect dessert With its baking surface, the waffle iron is suitable for two waffles of 9 x 11 cm. The practical locking hook keeps the waffle moulds together, so that the dough does not flow out. Once the iron has been heated, the stored residual heat can be used for baking gently. The dough will be baked evenly and turns brown. These self-made waffle delights will be a real eye-catcher at the next garden party with friends and family.With comfortable wooden handlesThe wooden handles fit comfortably in the hand, and the long rod ensures enough distance from the source of heat. The cast iron can be used immediately, for it is provided with what is called a seasoned finish. For cleaning, you simply separate the cast-iron halves thanks to the hinge. By the way, when cleaning, you enjoy the amazing properties of cast iron, for it has a natural anti-adhesive effect. Technical dataMaterial (Handles): woodMaterial (Form): cast ironMaterial (Stab): stainless steelScope of delivery1 x Waffle Iron Go to User manual >>


Petromax Rotating Waffle Iron
This makes the rotating Waffle Iron a practical casting mold for heart waffles in no time: Cast iron mold with hinge for heart waffles: easy filling of the rotating Waffle Iron for perfect waffles from the grill or atagoFrame for the grill: rotating Waffle Iron can be rotated 180° for perfectly cooked waffles on both sidesCast iron mold: Heat retention and characteristic tasteoptimal distance to the fire: support rack on the charcoal grate ensures baking with indirect heatheart shape or dragon brand: bake savory or sweet waffles inside and thin pancakes or batter patties on the outsideNew turn for fresh waffles – The Rotating Waffle IronThe Rotating Waffle Iron is a cast-iron form for preparation of savoury and sweet waffles in one turn. Together with the corresponding support frame you have the perfect base to position the Waffle Iron in a tilt-proof and non-slip manner. The cast-iron waffle form consists of two parts that are connected by a hinge. Guiding slots ensure for a firm position of the cast-iron form in the frame.By means of the closing mechanism the Iron is held locked together and remains safely locked during rotation: Thus, your waffle batter does not leak from the form. Due to the natural wooden handles you can easily turn over your Rotating Waffle Iron also in higher temperatures. The cast-iron notch on the side forms a stopper at the support frame. Therefore, the Iron can be rotated by 180° and stops once again at the correct spot of the frame. With the Rotating Waffle Iron preparation of fresh heart-shaped waffles will not go out of hand. At the same time, you do need not miss out on the characteristic taste of traditional cast-iron cooking.The Rotating Waffle Iron with hot double function – For true dragon fansIf a fiery dragon branding is fully to your taste, the Rotating Waffle Iron's true dragon double function is exactly right for you. Where you can bake fluffy waffles on the inside, the outside furnished with a large dragon logo allows baking of thing pancakes or flat bread with strong dragon logo imprint. A team as strong as a dragon – The Rotating Waffle Iron and the AtagoMake room please: For turning the Rotating Waffle Iron requires sufficient space. Hence, it is important to position the support frame somewhat higher in order to obtain enough downward space towards the middle. At best this equals no less than the diameter of your Waffle Iron. For your Iron to be freely movable and for smooth turning this is necessary.An ideal outdoor cooking place for using the Rotating Waffle Iron is the Atago: The support frame for the Rotating Waffle Iron fits perfectly onto the top edge. At the same time, the distance between support frame and charcoal grate is sufficient to bake waffles with indirect heat. You thus receive the best result and have enough distance for skilful turning manoeuvres.Technical dataMaterial (rotating Waffle Iron): Cast iron, stainless steel, woodMaterial (support frame): SteelDimensions, approx. (H x W x D) (rotating Waffle Iron): 4 x 21 x 51 cmDimensions, approx. (H x W x D) (support frame): 8.5 x 22 x 28 cmOverall dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 9 x 22 x 54 cmDimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 12 x 54 x 24 cmTotal weight, approx.: 3.6 kgWeight with packaging, approx.: 4 kgWaffle size (diameter): 16 cmScope of delivery1 x reversible Waffle Iron wf-tx1 x User manualGo to User manual >>


Cast-Iron Potato Cooker
Size: 30 cm
Turns the large Potato Cooker into an independent oven for embers: Sustainable alternative for classic campfire potatoes - completely without aluminium foil Tight locking and safe lifting out of the embers thanks to the newly developed tilting bolt mechanism Even cooking process due to optimal heat distribution thanks to round design Controlled top heat for gratinating thanks to the special shelf for coals  Safe stand in the fire, in the embers, on the grill or in the ovenEmber baked potatoes, no matter whether as side dish or with a juicy steak are a perfect fit for an adventure menu. With the cast-iron Potato Cooker, you prepare potatoes and vegetables with the characteristic roasting flavour.Matter of form: The cast-iron Petromax Potato Cooker for gentle cookingCast iron is perfectly suitable to prepare dishes at the open fire or on the grill as it optimally distributes the heat. In addition, the round design enhances the effect of the Potato Cooker. Perfectly baked potatoes, gratinated sweet potato wedges or savoury variations of vegetables such as stuffed bell peppers or aubergines adopt the typical roasting flavour when cooked in the embers. With an overall capacity of 1.8 litres the Potato Cookers holds about three fist size potatoes.Safely by the fire with strong lever (lifting) action – The tilting bolt of the Petromax Potato CookerThe cast-iron Potato Cooker stands out by its clever mechanism: The specially designed tilting bolt firmly locks both halves of the form as soon as you lift it up with a Lid Lifter. That way, you can safely remove the hot iron from the fire and relocate it. When hooking your Lid Lifter on the lower end of the tilting bar you easily open the cooker lid and can serve the steaming potatoes.Edges well, end's wellThe edge on the lid provides you with full temperature control. There you can place embers or briquettes and precisely adjust the top heat during cooking. The cast-iron Potato Cooker always stands firm on the surface due to the all-round bar on the underside that makes an even platform. For that reason, the cooker stands firm in the fireplace and can also be easily used at home in the oven. The protruding bar runs under the hinges and ensures for tilt-proof opening.Technical details Material Cast ironDimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 15.4 x 29.1 x 17 cmDimensions with packaging, approx. (H x W x D): 17.5 x 30 x 18 cm Volume lower bowl, approx.: 0.9 lTotal filling volume, approx.: 1.8 lWeight, approx.: 4.3 kgWeight with packaging, approx.: 4.6 kgScope of delivery1 x Cast Iron Potato Cooker pto30

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Poultry Roaster cf30
With the Poultry Roaster cf30 made of high-quality cast iron, you can prepare a chicken, a quail or a small duck quite easily in the oven or a suitable grill. Thanks to the optimal heat distribution, the poultry placed on the cast-iron roaster will be juicy and cooked evenly.With a well for herbs and spicesWhile meat is cooking, surplus fat and meat juices will flow into the drip pan. Your poultry becomes thus a delicious and crusty skin on the outside and can be cooked low-fat. It has your favourite flavour inside thanks to the well filled with spices, herbs and stock. Thus the roaster combines everything that is important for successful poultry cooking. Moreover you can easily handle it thanks to both handles and to the side spout.The best material: cast ironWith its pre-seasoned surface (seasoned finish), the Poultry Roaster cf30 can be used immediately. Thanks to the natural anti-adhesive effect of cast iron, which improves at each use, the poultry roaster is easy to clean and to care for. Technical dataMaterial: cast ironUpper diameter: 30 cmBottom diameter: 25 cmHeight: 10 cmWeight: 4.4 kgScope of delivery1 x Poultry Roaster cf301 x User manual Go to User manual >>


Petromax Poffertjes Pan
For taste of adventure in bite-sized portions: The Poffertjes Pan enables an exceptional dessert at the campfire and especially delights all the youngsters around. With the special form made of cast iron you bake 30 pieces of the Dutch mini pancake at once and within a short time. The excellent heat conductivity of the cast-iron poffertjes pan ensures an even baking result. Homemade poffertjes: sweet dessert for any occasionNo matter whether you cook over an open fire or on the hot embers of your grill: The Petromax Poffertjes Pan sweetens usage in every situation. The two handles provide for a safe usability. In addition, the pan with a diameter of 30 cm fits perfectly onto your Petromax Atago and rests on the upper edge. Also, at home you need not renounce the unique taste, because the bottom side of the pan is flattened. Therefore, the poffertjes pan stands firmly on the baking tray and can be used in the oven as well as on all common stove types.Technical detailsMaterial: cast ironDimensions: (H x W x D): 1.6 x 32 x 30 cmWeight: 3.3 kgCapacity: 30 poffertjesTechnical dataMaterial: cast ironWeight: 3,3 kgCapacity: 30 poffertjesScope of delivery1 x


Muffin Tin mf6
The Petromax Muffin Tin made of cast iron now expands the rank of Petromax products made of cast iron is after Loaf Pans and Ring Cake Pan. Suitable for a total of six delicious little cakes you can use the Muffin Tin with a practical notched handle directly over the fire, on hot embers and in the oven at home. In addition, the cast iron tin fits into the Dutch Ovens ft6 and ft9.Cast iron – reliability and qualityThe Muffin Tin also benefits from the positive properties of cast iron. The special surface structure ensures that the heat is stored and passed on efficiently to the baked goods. The surface of all Petromax cast iron products is pre-treated (seasoned finish) and therefore does not need burning in. Therefore, you can use your Muffin Tin immediately. Practical and versatileWhether savory or sweet, with the Muffin Tin you can easily bake the delicious pastries, no matter whether in the outdoor kitchen or in the home oven. If you want to use the tin in the Dutch Oven ft9, we advise you to place the Trivet ftus or the Stack Grate in the pot before inserting the Muffin Tin, because cast iron should always be spaced slightly apart so that it is not damaged.Technical dataScope of delivery1 x Muffin Tin Go to User manual >>


Burger Iron
Juicy burgers definitely belong into the outdoor kitchen! Make perfect burgers with the Petromax Burger Iron with its round moulds, each with a diameter of 4.7 in. The ridged surface will give them the typical grilling pattern. The heat-storing material properties of the cast iron mould allow you to sear the burger patties in the fire and then cook them to perfection through the residual heat. Thanks to the flat, flush wood handles and the locking hook, you can close and hold the burger iron safely into the embers. For cleaning, simply separate both halves at the hinge and to easily remove roast residues in the grilling structure, we recommend to you the Petromax Scraper with ridges for cast iron.Technical dataMaterial: Cast iron, stainless steel, woodDiameter per burger patty: 12 cmScope of delivery1 x Petromax Burger Iron Go to User manual >>


Ring Cake Pan gf1 withTarte Case Lid
With the cast-iron Petromax Ring Cake Pan, you can bake moist cakes, delicious casseroles or bread in the classic ring mould. The multifunctional lid not only offers high temperature for cakes in the outdoor kitchen, but also functions as a tart case mould when upturned. This ingenious Petromax cast-iron product with its timeless design is indispensable in your kitchen.For Petromax, cast iron stands for qualityThanks to the outstanding qualities of cast iron and the special structure of the surface, warmth is efficiently stored and transferred to the food. Thanks to the pre-seasoned surface, the sturdy ring cake pan does not need to be seasoned before the first use, and you can thus use it immediately. In the open air, it can be heated with wood at the campfire or with charcoal and briquettes. There you can easily hang it up thanks to the practical notched handle made of stainless steel. The raised edge of the lid enables you to place embers or charcoal safely on the ring cake pan. It is thus heated evenly from all sides. But also in your oven at home, you will not want to do without the cast-iron pan anymore.Multifunctional and practicalWhether it is your favourite cake or fresh bread, you will bake them successfully with the cast-iron Petromax Ring Cake Pan. You can easily remove the lid with feet with the Petromax Lid Lifter. Besides, the upturned cast-iron lid is suitable for making not only tart cases, but also tasty tarts and quiches, and it can also serve as a practical skillet for the outdoor kitchen. Moreover, you can use it as a suitable platter for baked goods out of the ring cake pan. After use, the pan is very easy to clean. We recommend that you use the Petromax Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron for taking care of the pan.Technical dataMaterial: cast ironPan capacity: 3 litre(s)Lid capacity: 1 litre(s)Scope of delivery1 x Ring Cake Pan gf1 withTarte Case Lid1 x User Manual Go to User manual >>


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