The Petromax dragon flies transatlantic

German traditional brand is now available in the USA

For over 100 years, Petromax worldwide stands for German quality, engineering skill, as well as technical innovation. The company’s history began with the world’s first kerosene high-pressure lamp “Petromax.” Still assembled in Germany today in its unaltered form, the lantern is a world-wide best seller. Since 1866, the fire, the experience of freedom, and independence are key elements of the German traditional brand Petromax. Today, the family-owned Petromax group is a leading German brand of cast-iron cookware and accessories for outdoor kitchens. We live the passion for fire and light, barbecue and outdoor cooking, bushcraft and survival. Everyone will feel this spirit, once the cast-iron Dutch Oven hangs over the campfire and is literally brought to life.

German legacy and American cooking culture

In the 18th and 19th century, German settlers came to the USA and used their cast-iron pots and pans for food preparation. The first Dutch Ovens were simple, but incredibly effective: The large material surface provided for high heat distribution, the pots were versatile, and meals kept hot for a long time. Until today, these are highly appreciated properties. The Dutch Oven cooking quickly became a part of the American cooking culture and has been further developed ever since. Thus, we owe to the American inventiveness two major things: The affixing of three supporting feet at the Dutch Oven’s bottom as well as the reshaping of the lid which allows to place the Dutch Oven directly in the fire with charcoal on top of it. This way, the Dutch Oven became an essential kitchen utensil, whether as cookware at home or a reliable companion outdoors. At Petromax, we set the focus on our own history with the goal of improving the wonderful taste of grilled and roasted meat – no matter where in the world.

Petromax – made with passion for unmatched taste

Dutch Oven, cast-iron pans and bakeware, grills and stoves, useful accessories for bushcraft and survival: the product range of the dragon brand Petromax is characteristic for its versatility and German structural quality at the same time. Reliability and longevity are the most important principles when it comes to the quality check of the Petromax products. Thus, pots and pans get passed on from generation to generation. Customers, fans, and friends from all over the world profit from more than a century of experience in German design work and workmanship. Our inhouse development consistently works on elaborate details, smart improvements, and well-thought-out, new products. It is all about privileging around the globe any chefs, adventurers, bushcrafters, and freedom-loving people with some independence and self-determination. In 2019, Petromax takes the next step forward: The German brand becomes available to our amazing partners on the US market. We are tremendously excited to celebrate German-American friendship and history, sharing our passion for tradition, high-grade cast-iron cookware and the keen sense of tasty food. Join us at a campfire, listen to the sizzling crispy meat in the cast iron pans, smell the taste of simmering cheesy casserole in the Dutch Oven, and let us experience what pure nature tastes like.