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The High-Pressure Lamp celebrates 100th anniversary

For 100 year the Petromax High Pressure Lamp illuminates darkness. Until today, with the technical performance genius from German manufacture a strong light still shines for people all over the world – in almost unaltered construction.

Its sustainable and innovative approach is also the foundation of the Petromax brand. Therefore, this year we particularly recognise the High-Pressure Lamp with historic character and take you back to the roots of Petromax.

Journey through time: The historical basis of the High-Pressure Lamp

In the beginning of the 20th century Max Graetz developed a petroleum lamp with an especially strong light. The engineer from Berlin (Germany) thus revolutionised autarkic light supply and all of a sudden improved quality of life for many people of his time. 

Knowing that he brought reliable and fail-safe light into any household he secured the rights to the name Petromax – inspired by his nickname "Petroleum Maxe."

The patent registry of a transportable version of the High-Pressure Light in April 1921 laid the foundation for today's famous HK500. Just as 100 years ago the HK500 results from manufacture "Made in Germany" and convinces by its proven principle, its durable technology and its resilient construction.

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Petromax About Us Desert

Tradition experiences fresh impetus: The formation of Petromax GmbH

80 years on young university student Jonas Taureck encounters the impressive iconic lamp while looking for a suitable source of energy for his beloved vehicle that got stuck in desert sand. Equipped with sufficient tinned provisions he is on his way to South Africa. Once again, his heavy vehicle got stuck and a broken alternator is the result. 

With many gestures he tries to explain to the inhabitants of the small village in Niger that he wants to use their electricity to charge the truck batteries. However, he always receives the same answer: Here is no electricity. Impossible, Jonas thinks by himself, because even at night the village shines as bright as day. 

The impressive light source is a HK500. Fascination and passion impel Jonas to resume production of the High-Pressure Lamp. He acquires the rights to the brand and revives the traditional brand. Petromax is born a second time.

The whole story about Jonas Taureck's adventure in the desert you read here.

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100 years High-Pressure Lamp – 100 years of knowledge

The HK500 stands for German engineering skill and a part of history. Until today the construction of the Petromax classic, consisting of 200 individual pieces, remains technically unaltered. 

Customers from all over the world purchase the lamp that originates from in-house manufacture at Magdeburg headquarters. Tips and recommendations for handling and care of the powerful HK500 are available at Petromax World at any time. 

For indoor use, the HK500 is available as electronic version also build in manufacture.

The light source that already offered life-changing opportunities to people in the 1920th, today has become an indispensable component for all daring outdoor adventurers looking for a resilient equipment and independent light source.

HK500 Service Box Anniversary 100
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Petromax HK500 Bottle Opener (Anniversary Edition)
Compact tool for your key ring: The Petromax HK500 bottle opener Always at hand when you are in need of an outdoor refreshment: The Petromax bottle opener is your on-the-go tool to easily open bottles with crown cork seals. The stainless-steel opener is particularly robust and resilient. Thanks to the ring hole, it can be attached to your key ring or backpack and thus accompanies you on all your adventures. A reason to celebrate and toast: The legendary Petromax High-Pressure Lamp turns 100 years! The shape and laser engraving of the bottle opener are therefore intricately modelled after the HK500 dragon lamp. A radiant functional helper and a must-have for all fans of the traditional German brand Petromax. Made in Germany. The HK500 keyring pendant is only available for a limited time as a limited anniversary edition. Technical details Material: Stainless steel (laser engraved) Dimensions: H x W x D: 95 x 40 x 2 mm Weight: 37.5 g


Petromax HK500 Service Box (Anniversary Edition)
An excellent gift for the 100th birthday: The HK500 Service Box With the limited edition of the traditional HK500 Service Box, Petromax is commemorating the patent registration of the classic lamp filed 100 years ago. What is more, with the High-Pressure Lamp you are perfectly equipped outdoors. Inside the box, you can store all important spare and maintenance parts for the HK500. The compact metal box protects your accessories and provides space for additional items as required. Thus, the HK500 Service Box becomes a reliable long-term companion for your outdoor adventures. With the bold colour print and detailed embossing, the HK500 Service Box in the anniversary edition is a true eye-catcher. It is an ideal gift for fans and fire enthusiasts of the traditional German Petromax brand. The HK500 Service Box is only available for a limited time as a limited anniversary edition. HK500 Service Box contents • set-500 (HK500 Spare-Parts Set) • 66-180 (Tool Set) • pol (Cleaning Polish) • pol-t (Polishing Cloth) Technical details Material: Sheet steel Dimensions (H x W x D): 7.5 x 23.5 x 16 cm Weight: 580 g


Petromax since 1910

The principle of the High-Pressure Lamp with petroleum carburettor system developed in 1910 and the production of a portable version in 1921 are the origin of reliable equipment with the notion towards independence. Until today, the demand for sturdiness and durability is an integral part in development of new Petromax products.

Regarding the topics outdoor cooking, fire and bushcraft and survival the product range has grown during the past years and emphasises highest quality. From the first encounter with the High-Pressure Lamp up to a 90-employees-strong company in the meantime the traditional character shapes the mission statement of Petromax GmbH. We, therefore, look back upon 111 years Petromax.

For us, the 100th birthday of the High-Pressure Lamp and Petromax since 1910 both are special occasions that we would like to share with you. We, therefore, planned some strong anniversary products which will by all means make you beam.

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