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The brand for fire and light, BBQ and outdoor cooking, bushcraft and survival.

Petromax is a leading German manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and living and its coordinated product range combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. All Petromax products are of highest quality, extremely durable and feature elaborate details and are designed for all those that seek the compensation to their daily routine in nature and, thus, set up their camp outdoors. Experiencing raw nature with traditional and yet well designed equipment is the focus of Petromax’ product world.


Passing on what is good: That is what Max Graetz has done successfully with its creation of the worldwide known high-pressure lamp. Petromax has made a name for itself with a tradition of more that 100 years.


We love what we do. The experiences that you share with us are our motivation. We want to keep developing Petromax in order to share with our clients, partners and friends what we most care about.


We rely on tried and tested sturdy materials to meet your quality standards as well as ours. This is what is important for all that we develop – a product is a good one only when it is resistant, robust and durable.

100 Years High-Pressure Lamp Petromax HK500

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Our Story

All Began in the Desert

Fine sand is tickling the nose of both young men from Germany. On their way from Hanover to South Africa, they have a great thirst for adventure and a never-ending supply of cans in their luggage. But once again, their vehicle – a heavy Magirus-Deutz truck, year of manufacture: 1963 – gets stuck in the hot sand of the desert. They now have to show some muscular strength. But after many hours of shovelling and digging up sand, the huge car still does not move forwards. The engine does not roar loudly as it usually does – the engine mount is broken, and the engine has destroyed the alternator.

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