Griddle Plate for Petromax Gas Table

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Griddle Plate for Petromax Gas Table

This makes the Griddle Plate the perfect addition to the Petromax Gas Table: 

  • Variety for the Gas Table: Add-on for all Petromax Gas Tables to include plancha grilling and roasting. 
  • Grilling Spanish style: The plate brings meat, vegetables and egg dishes evenly to the ideal grilling temperature with different heat zones
  • Low-fat grilling and safe operation: The drip tray ensures that excess fat drains and stays clean from the gas flame 
  • Ventilation for more safety: Ventilation openings prevent heat build-up 
  • Optimal format: The almost square shape fits on every Petromax gas table with single or double burners and is easy to handle thanks to the handles

The Petromax Plancha Griddle Plate adds Spanish-style grilling to your Gas Table – for perfectly roasted steaks even where no open fire is allowed. 

Plancha Griddle Plate made of stainless steel for Spanish style grilling

With the stainless-steel Griddle Plate and the Petromax Gas Table you are perfectly equipped for all your camping and outdoor adventures for grilling experiences in the Spanish plancha style. Different heat zones are suitable for a variety of savoury and classic dishes. Juicy fried steaks get full heat in the middle of the Griddle Plate even at the lowest setting developing their aroma. Place side dishes and vegetable variations close to the edges of the plate: This is the ideal place to place grilled food for reheating, and the constant heat supply and heat storage ensure that dishes will always come hot onto the camping table. Once slowly heated up, you can gently grill peppers, mushrooms and other foods that require less heat on the edge of the plate. 

Plancha suitable for all Petromax Gas Tables

Gripping the practical handles, you can easily put the plate on the Gas Table, as it fits all models with single and double burners. From now on, low-fat grilling is easy, as the drip tray on the front ensures that fat drans from the food during grilling and you can grill safely. Unlike on a grilling grate, stuffed mushrooms, potato wedges or watermelon pieces remain safely on the Griddle Plate. Slots in the top part of the Griddle Plate guarantee the necessary ventilation and prevent heat build-up. After grilling, you can remove the cooled down plancha from the Gas Table by handles and simply clean it separately.

The stainless-steel Griddle Plate is the perfect extension for your gas table and offers all the advantages of grilling Spanish style for a variety of grilling experiences in your camping kitchen.

Technical details

Material: stainless steel 

Dimensions when assembled, approx.: 8 x 38.5 x 36.5 cm 

Dimensions with packaging: 9 x 40 x 38 cm

Total weight, approx. 2.75 kg

Weight with packaging, approx.: 3.1 kg 

Scope of delivery

1 x Griddle Plate for Petromax Gas Table 

Your Accessories

Your Accessories

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