Heater Wick docht7 Ø 75 mm x 200 mm

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Heater Wick docht7 Ø 75 mm x 200 mm
The appeal of this Petromax Heater Wick made of glass fibre and cotton lies in its extremely long working life and an optimal flame spread. Like every other Petromax product, this Heater Wick has an elegant Petromax design. This wick can be used for the following heaters:ENVIROTEMP 30466KERO SUN CTA-1EKERO SUN CTK-25KERO SUN Rainbow BKERO SUN Rainbow CKERO SUN RB-20AKERO SUN RB-20AKERO SUN RCA-26KERO SUN RCA-680KERO SUN RSA-11KERO SUN RSA-26KERO SUN SUNDOWNER F07SDAKERO SUN SUNSPRITEZibro-Kamin 5CZibro-Kamin BRAVOZibro-Kamin CHAMPIONZibro-Kamin Eurostove ParisZibro-Kamin R111CZibro-Kamin R2Zibro-Kamin R2.5CZibro-Kamin R2.9CZibro-Kamin R210CZibro-Kamin R22CZibro-Kamin R23CZibro-Kamin R250CZibro-Kamin R25CZibro-Kamin R2800CZibro-Kamin R2900CZibro-Kamin R290CZibro-Kamin R290CZibro-Kamin R29CZibro-Kamin R30.40CZibro-Kamin R390CZibro-Kamin R39CZibro-Kamin R545Zibro-Kamin R545CZibro-Kamin RCA-22CZibro-Kamin RCA23CZibro-Kamin RCA26Zibro-Kamin RCA2800Zibro-Kamin RCA66Zibro-Kamin RCA66EZibro-Kamin RCA66E3Zibro-Kamin RCA68Zibro-Kamin RCA680Zibro-Kamin RCA680CZibro-Kamin RCA68E3Zibro-Kamin RCA68W

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Technical data
Dimensions packaging (H x W x D): 23.5 x 16 x 1 cm
Weight with packaging: 51 g

Scope of delivery
1 x Heater Wick docht7 Ø 75 mm x 200 mm